Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Season 3

Reality show attract us with exciting experiences of real people. But what if the participants of the show are animals with their life’s troubles and complications? This show is about, probably, most passionate American vet. He manages to treat rare illnesses, rescues animals and perform hardest surgeries to save their lives. The show is broadcast by Animal planet. The filming started in 2015.

Dr. Jeff Young – A Vet from Rocky Mountains

He’s a lot more than just a veterinary. He’s got unique surgical experience and he’s a skillful specialist. He owns a vet clinic named Planned Pethood Plus situated in Denver. The atmosphere in there is often chaotic and tense, but he’s always able to provide his patients with professional health. He’s got more than 25 years of experience behind his back and thousands of surgical operations. However, he doesn’t look professional. For some people he’s a very controversial person – never clean shaven with tattoos wearing flip-flops and bandanas. Probably, it adds charm to the show attracting more and more viewers with each season. The things he has done made him one of the best veterinaries in the USA.
Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Season 3 Poster
He works together with a team of faithful colleagues always ready to share their skills, energy and compassion. There are more than 30 people in his clinic’s staff.

What Does He Do?

His workdays are never ordinary. Each of the new medical cases is a new thrilling experience, a new challenge Dr. Jeff has to stand.

  • He saves small animals’ broken legs;
  • He treats pythons and other exotic animals;
  • He saves pets from head traumas and does facial surgery;
  • He stops animals’ internal bleeding;
  • He gives poisoned animals new chances to live;
  • He bravely saves wild injured animals.


Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Season 3 Promo
The viewers’ attitude was extremely positive due to the moral issues and Dr. Jeff’s unique and inspiring personality. Unfortunately, the filming of the show got stuck after Dr. Jeff got to know about his personal medical condition. He didn’t stop to participate in the filming of the second season and finished some more successful surgeries saving more innocent lives.
There are rumors that Dr. Jeff’s getting back to business feeling better.

Release Date

Unfortunately, we have no idea about the fate of this wonderful and warm TV project. Looks like the renewal mostly depends on Dr. Jeff’s health and the viewers’ feedback and support. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wish Dr. Jeff good luck and strong health that will help him achieve his goals and save more and more animals’ lives!

Update: Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Season 3 is to Come Out!

If there is a reason to be happy, news about a project’s fate is definitely it. And now, we bring you the news about this series.
Unfortunately, the release date of Season 3 is still undecided, but don’t let it lower your mood. Why? Becuase not only is this project not canceled, it will finally come out, soon enough at that. No more second guessing, the producers made themselves crystal clear. Barring any emergencies, you can expect Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Season 3 to come out early in 2017.
Make sure to subscribe so that you do not miss the exact launch date. Besides, the schedule might shift, so keeping track of the series is a good idea.


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