Don’t Be Tardy Season 5

Are you the fan of Kim Zolchiak? If yes, you should take a keen interest the serial under the title “Don’t Be Tardy” that portrays the routine life of her family. The serial is a long-running project that has been already resumed for the sequential fifth season that is about to come out this particular summer.

Brief outline of the TV project

Don’t Be Tardy presents particularly a reality TV serial by American fabrication. The viewers are in luck to watch the new episodes which appear with regular intervals in the entertaining channel referred to as Bravo.
The serial comes to be developed by the workers of the filming industry united in the team with a promising title “True Entertainment”. The first episode was on the run at the end of April 2012.
And additionally, one interesting thing of the project is that the serial was called “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding” at the very start of its launch. With the release of the sophomore chapter it was renamed for simply “Don’t Be Tardy”. It happened particularly in the middle of April 2013. So the tradition of releasing one season a year was established.

What is presented here specifically?

The main heroine of the given reality project is considered to be Kim Zolchiak know for her participating in the project titled “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Specifically, the serial focuses on her working business and personal life including various events that happen in the daily life of her family.

In the first season, Kim and Kroy were at their preparations for wedding. Commencing from the second part, the routine life in marriage comes for depicting.
We know Kim as a housewife in the above mentioned serial. But now she is the host of her own show that revolves around getting closer to her dream of a perfect home and family.

What is about the rating issues?

The most recent chapter was brought to broadcast in the previous year if to be more exact in the middle of August which is somewhat later than in the preceding times. This particular season garnered about 1.5 million watchers. This number makes the serial a steady hit on Bravo.

Latest news about the renewal for the following season

Don’t Be Tardy Season 5 Cast
The thing is that the principal heroine of this story is participating in other TV shows including for example “NeNe and Kim: The Road to Riches”. The question is that whether she will find time for her own filming product. And to the luck of the fans of this show, the serial has not been delayed with its official renewal for another run. As it has become known recently, the fifth season of the show is going to take place in the near future. Moreover, the exact timeframe has been defined. It is this upcoming summer. That’s why we should be ready for obtaining information concerning the Don’t Be Tardy season 5 release date and as well as about other interesting details of the unscripted show. So stay tuned if you are not pursuing to miss the debut of the new chapter.


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