Dog and Beth: On the Hunt Season 4

Hunting for criminals is the all-time favorite business for Dog and Beth. Surely they don’t embark on the case without assistance but as a result, they receive the pieces of the puzzle that fit each other successfully. The series is now on the verge of resumption and cancellation. But let’s hope that the revival is just a matter of time.

Background of the story and concept

The series concept is reckoned to be not a young one as there have been two projects that now are the basis for Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. They are specifically Dog the Bounty Hunter, the series aired on A&E and now canceled, as well as the best-selling book titled “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide”. The latter project was penned specifically by Dog Chapman. In collaboration with Beth Chapman, he has been developing this particular series.
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By the genre, it is a criminal story which is always pursuing to explore the coldest cases, but it is not a scripted drama, it is a real life show in fact.
The series is broadcasted on the American CMT channel. Watching this series, a viewer will always be provided with a considerable portion of suspense and adrenaline as the action is an integral part of the narration here.
As for the production studio, we should name here company Entertainment By Bonnie and Clyde. The first premiere was held back to 2013 specifically in April and now we are dealing with three full-fledged seasons. The most recent chapter was given start amidst summer 2015.

What is added in the third chapter?

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The immediate creators of the criminal story are also the participants of the TV show. This couple (Dog and Beth Chapman) is the bounty hunters. Criminals are not to escape when this duo embarks on the case. Surely without a certain portion of assistance, they cannot proceed. So they are helped by their aides, including their own children.
The third installment has some additions in fact including a new member of the show named Cecily, a young lady in her early twenties who is reckoned to be their daughter. So the team is joined by an adult person that can only contribute to the efficiency of the investigative group. Surely, there is no doubting that Cecily should be at first put into the very picture of the business. But she is a smart girl who grasps everything in s single flash. So the explorations are gaining traction in this season.

Rating issues

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Hazardous aspects and many risks put into a stake are the main reasons for which the series is so much popular among ordinary viewers. Surely, among advantages, we should also underline charismatic and unique real-life characters. As for the critical opinion, it is also pretty positive.

Chances of renewal

So far, regretfully, we have not information when it goes about the feasibility of the future revival. The Dog and Beth: On the Hunt season 4 release date is also unknown. But be in the swim since any kind of info can become available any day. So be attentive!


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