Diesel Brothers Season 2

The first new episode of Diesel Brothers season 2 might appear shortly, supposedly this year. The creators confirmed the restart of the project the previous month.

About the show and its producers

Diesel Brothers Season 2 Poster
A new reality show that revolves around automobiles, Diesel Brothers came out at the very start of 2016. We can thank Matthew Ostrom, Laura Palumbo and Craig Coffman for the appearance of this new serial. As for the production studio, it is Magilla Entertainment. The series is broadcast on the Discovery channel as part of Discovery’s Motor Mondays.

What does this reality series focus on?

This TV show revolves around the work of the legendary team of Dieselsellerz with two leaders, Heavy D and Diesel Dave. So, what’s so special about their program?
Being real professionals in their field, the members of the qualifying crew are dealing with tuning issues every day. And believe us, that makes restoring and reselling run-down trucks possible and the show unique. In fact, the viewers have always had many shows with a similar idea on other channels. But it is not as simple as it might seem at first sight.
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The somewhat annoying theme is present in every new episode. So the watchers might jump to the conclusion that there is nothing new and captivating there. In reality, the narration is full of fun, hilarious moments that can’t leave anyone untouched. The participants of the show seem to be providing us with their positive energy. And that in itself is obviously an advantage for the project.

About the rating number and reviews

The managers of the project are now real stars on many media resources. Their principal tool in achieving the goals of their program is the Internet. So with a considerable number of fans the hosts of the show obtained before the release, the project is flourishing. It’s gaining support and receiving favorable reviews from critics and casual watchers.
Let’s just find out the total number of viewers so that we don’t beat around the bush. During the time of broadcasting on TV, it was approximately 1.5 million people. For such a show, it is an excellent result.
Diesel Brothers Season 2 Cast

When can we expect the appearance of the second season?

This spring we found out about the renewal of several successful projects aired on Discovery. One of these projects is Diesel Brothers. So the fans have another possibility to enter the world of trucks. The new episodes are to be launched sometime in the future.
As we are not aware of the Diesel Brothers season 2 release date, we highly recommend that you stay tuned and be ready for news from the most reliable resources.

Update: Diesel Brothers Season 2 Comes Out Soon!

If you’re a fan of powerful diesel cars and trucks, and you enjoy seeing people tinkering with them, then we have news you might really enjoy. Diesel Brothers Season 2 comes out in only two weeks. Will the date change? Highly unlikely. The new episode will be aired on January 16, 2017, and that day is not too far in the future for the schedule to suffer drastic changes.
Be it as it may, the season’s release is now a certainty. Is that good? Of course, knowing that is even better. Speaking of which, our subscribers are immediately notified when somethings comes up. Renewal? Check. New episode? Check. New cast? Check. Termination? Check. The last one is a bit grim but that happens to.
Should you subscribe to us, we will keep you informed. We monitor the situation for you. Stay with us! Stay tuned! Our subscribers never miss a new season’s release date and get to enjoy what they love to the fullest.


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