Desert Flippers Season 2

Desert Flippers is just another addition to the variety of home renovation programs. The broadcast is arranged on the HGTV channel. The first chapter has appeared quite recently. If to be more exact, the first season release date is August 25, 2016. Eight episodes have been already launched. The volume of each one equals half an hour. The question is when the new season premiere will be held.
The show hails from the company entitled as Nance Glass Productions. The executives are the following here:

  • Nancy Glass,
  • Brian Balthazar,
  • Bart Makatche,
  • Mark Downing.

Desert Flippers Season 2 Cast

New House Flipping Show

Inhabiting Palm Springs, California, the main heroes of the cast are the family of Bennetts with Eric and Lindsay attempting to raise their three small kids. Once they buy a home, which leaves much to be desired. The couple is set to keep their chins up and change the home into a lovely one with a pool and other amenities in such a way that no one is unable to recognize it.
Specifically, they earn their living in this way, renovating houses and then selling them for a great profit. Is it really a promising undertaking? How do you feel? Share your thoughts with us by means of commenting on below the post!

What are Rating Figures?

According to the recent release, the series has been found as something actually worth following. The debut viewership comprised 1.4 million watchers. Then a decline took place to 1 million people. Yet this is not a failure, surely.
Desert Flippers Season 2 Spoiler
Among the priority features, the viewers mark out the charming atmosphere of the narration, as well as the positive energy emanated by the whole family of Bennetts.

Strong Potential

The chances of the renewal are strong. This simple fact makes us believe in the future, which has not been determined yet. When can we hope for the announcement of the rendered verdict? Will the outcome be positive? We can only recommend you to stop worrying for some time, as it seems like it is too early for such things as the Desert Flippers season 2 release date, and the immediate resumption for the next installment. The new episode will appear only next year if everything is all right with the verdict. Stay tuned for updates in relation to the revival but not for the second season air date.


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