Deion’s Family Playbook Season 4

A story about the life of a football player that is referred to as “Deion’s Family Playbook” is still to be renewed by the creators for the fourth season. Let’s hold out hope that we will get any kind of information about the fate of the serial in the near future.

Production info

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Deion Family Playbook is basically a project in the form of the reality show broadcast on the American channel in particular on Oprah Winfrey Network .The opening of the serial was held in 2014. The most recent chapter was put to airing in the middle of May 2015. This makes us believe that the resumption of the story should around the corner as it is high time for it.

What is here depicted specifically?

The principal hero of the story is reckoned to be Deion Sanders. He is now a former football player being a member of the professional team. Deion Sanders is the only one person that has ever participated in world competitions for the super bowl. This fact is nothing but a guarantee for him to become a well-known athlete and a coach at one high school.
In the show, all his life is depicted. Deion is shown here as a parent who brings up his kids for his won and lends a helping hand to other people. He also has a girlfriend named Tracey. Being a true sportsman with a solid will and a magnificent optimism, he makes headway not only in his working side of life but also in the personal one. Thus, he is a successful father and a boyfriend to Tracey.
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What is known about the rating of the series?

The serial is revolving around a great idea of the close-knit family though with a single parent raising his children. His family is united and here we feel that needed atmosphere of home and conceive that the main essence of our life is giving birth and raising a dignified personality. The only one thing that matters is that very social unit in which you live, your own family circle.
So being socially directed, the project was accepted with flying flowers. Though the total number of viewers is no so impressive with the release of the latest third chapter (it constitutes about 0.4 million watchers), the serial is highly scored on IMDb – there we are dealing with about 8 points from 10. The series has got also a unanimous critical acclaim

With regard to the possible renewal

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At present moment of being there appear no formal confirmations on the possible resumption of the series or its cancellation. It should be mentioned that the serial does not deserve in fact to be canceled with regard to such a high level of acceptance and appraisal. On the contrary, it is worth further development as it gives us that sincere warm feeling of love that is an intricate part of the principal character’s family.
So we should now arm ourselves with patience and wait for the appearance of the official news about the Deion’s Family Playbook season 4 release date and concerning the very possibility of the resumption of the fourth chapter.


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