Deadly Women Season 11

Deadly Women has been running on the Investigation Discovery channel since 2005. Last year, the decade anniversary was celebrated. The docuseries was a miniseries initially, in fact, each season of which comprised only three episodes. The latest season premiere is dated back to this summer. Exactly, we are dealing with the tenth season release date as August 27, 2016.
By production of Beyond International, the show is presented by Lynnanne Zager. The team of executives includes:
Deadly Women Season 11 Cast

  • Pamela Deutsch,
  • Geoff Fitzpatrick,
  • Keila Woodard,
  • John Lushcombe,
  • Diana Sperrazza.

What is Deadly Women?

The title cannot but make the audience get interested in the story. It was chosen supposedly for right purposes and corresponded to the theme fully. The main heroines of the docuseries are female killers. Each new episode is devoted to a separate story that can make your blood freeze in your veins when following.
The investigative cast includes Candice DeLong, a professional criminalist and Janis Amatuzio who serves as a forensic pathologist. On the show, there are also some other experts from different more narrowed spheres of specialization, including criminal writers, reporters, medical workers, and law enforcement officials.
Deadly Women Season 11 Spoiler
You can be taken aback now but the amount of murder cases where a woman is a killer is so great that it is felt that nature starts going the opposite way getting females deprive people of life rather than giving birth. Following this project, you will become sure that the number of female murderers is underestimated.

Current Situation With Ratings and Renewal Potential

The latest season showed us the cases of blood-chilling murders from the recent past. The viewership keeps its average level of about 1 million watchers. The score on IMDb is much inspiring – 8.2 out of 10.
To sum it up, the series has a strong potential of the bright future and the renewal is in the cards. So far, nothing is known of the fate officially yet it can too early for such things now, especially it concerns the eleventh season air date. Let’s stay tuned for the updates regarding the resumption. The Deadly Women season 11 release date can be captured not earlier than spring 2017.


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