Deadliest Job Interview Season 2

The new adventure show from Discovery Channel is currently on the bubble expecting the verdict of its developers. Though the latest season has been already put to an end, there is no word about the resumption.

Series review

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Waiting for the adventurous story becoming available for them, viewers of the new project under the catchy title “Deadliest Job Interview” have not made a wrong choice opting for this project. The reality TV show was put to broadcast yet at the close of January 2016. This pioneer and so far the latest season bowed out in this past March.
The acceptance was not long in coming as the series production rests on the professionals working in the company named Sharp Entertainment.
The brilliant team of executives is composed of such names as Johnny Petillo, Dan Adler and Matt Sharp. Now we have only one chapter at hand consisting of only six episodes and are holding out hope that the second one is going to take place finally.

Concept summary

The show participants are thrill nerds specifically people who are willing to become experts in the fields for activity that are reckoned to be the most hazardous according to the universal statistics.
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So what are these occupations in particular? The members of the show embark on various spheres including construction ocean divers and turbine technicians. These brave people are enthusiastic about obtaining a job offer in the studied field at the end of their trials. That’s why there is nothing in the course for them but to move heaven and earth in order to achieve the most perfect results they have been ever capable of.

How has been the new serial perceived?

Though the idea of the reality show is crashing and compelling indeed, the series approval is not unanimous. The commentaries received from critics as well from common watchers are not much favorable. Packed with suspense and drama, the series has got a sad average scoring on IMDb that constitutes a little more than 5 points from 10.
The situation with the number of watchers that are sitting on the edge of their seats while the release of a regular episode is much more promising. The series delivers about 1.5 million audience to the channel. For such a kind of multipart unscripted movie it is sufficient in order to continue creating the story.

Is there essence to wait for the revival?

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The final episode of the opening installment was broadcast as far back as amidst past March 2016. Since that time, no news and announcement, concerning the Deadliest Job Interview as well as regarding the very feasibility of the revival, have become available, unfortunately.
However, there is still some time before winter 2017 comes as this very period can be supposedly reckoned as the timeframe of the sophomore chapter launch. So keep abreast of the situation as changes are felt to be around the corner, for the serial deserves truly another chance.


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