Deadliest Catch Season 13

Deadliest Catch is a reality TV series created and produced in the USA and released on Discovery Channel by Original Productions studios. The show follows the events happening to fishing vessels while being in the Bering Sea in the periods of fishing seasons. The fishing crew spends most time in the area of The Aleutian Islands, Dutch Harbor. All of the operations they carry out are connected with risk of injuries and death. Deadliest Catch season 13 release date has officially been announced to be aired in the following years, however, the exact release date is yet to be added to the schedule.

The first season release date is the 12th of April 2005. The show is aired all over the world with increasing popularity in more than 200 countries. Season 1 consisted of 10 episodes and concluded on the 14th of June 2005. Every new season has been released from April to June or July. Season 12 started on the 29th of March.
Deadliest Catch Season 13 date release


The reality films everyday duties of crab fishing boats and their crews on the Bering Sea catching crabs. The filming is done in the period of two fishing seasons: October crab season and January crab season. The show mostly concentrates on the dangers the crew experiences when being on deck and pulling massive crab pots, maneuvering heavy loads of crab, which is often connected with a number of hazards (uneven surface, wet decks, icy decks and more). The crew has to resist horrible weather conditions including strong winds, storms and high waves. The deck is constantly lashed by wild waters. The show depicts the dangers of the Bering Sea and its coldest temperatures with most threatening waters on the planet.
Deadliest Catch Season 13

Every new episode of the reality concentrates on a situation where boats and crews participate in the activities together. They are united by the camaraderie and their brave captains. You’ll see the way the members of the crew communicate to each other while sharing their troubles and life’s complications. All this serves as a background for the dangerous crab fishing business.

Fishing for crab in Alaska is one of the most dangerous fishing activities in the world. The captains rescue their professional squads on the hardest crab fishing grounds. The filming often follows the rescue team saving the members of the crew in the Bering Sea. The cast of the series includes Phil Harris, Keith Colburn, Johnathan Hillstrand, Time Bandit, Sig Hansen, Andy Hillstrand and more.
Deadliest Catch Season 13

13th Season Air Date

Discovery Channel is surely going to continue the annual filming of Deadliest Catch in season 13, however, the release date is yet to be scheduled for the upcoming years. When we get more official info on from the official media, we will let you know.

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