Dead Silent Season 2

Blood-curdling crimes, mysterious atmosphere of fear and insecurity, excellent acting – this whole range any viewer can find in the new series of TV channel Investigation Discovery. The show is called Dead Silent and it tells about the most horrible crimes committed in the usual places. Fans of horror genre appreciated the project and after the completion of its debut season many of them reflect on when Dead Silent season 2 will return. Release date of the coming second season haven’t been mentioned yet, and the renewed story is likely to be continued in the next year. But according to the public’s interest the show must go on, so the second season air date will be announced as soon as all the details are worked out.

Series Authors

The first season release date was scheduled for October 25, 2016, and it was likely done on purpose on the eve of Halloween. The pilot season included 6 episodes, and each new episode lasted about 45 minutes.
Dead Silent Season 2 Promo
The director of the series is Gustavo Tiburon. It is also produced by the following personalities:

  • Tom Cappello;
  • Allison Troxell;
  • David Konschnik.

The main person responsible for the selection of the cast is Jessica Fox-Thigpen.
The company producing Dead Silent is Crazy Legs Productions; the network which broadcasts the program is Investigation Discovery.

Plot Peculiarities

The series is divided into 6 parts, and of them tells a separate story about a terrifying crime which was committed on open air. As a rule the atmosphere in the areas of general relaxation is outwardly calm, and this is often a deception. This can be a cozy forest glade, a quiet lake shore, a site near the road, etc., and all these places, as the authors show, may become the last place of a man and can carry a serious threat.
In addition to actual described criminal cases the program features interviews with some survivors of these incidents, as well as giving comments of experienced criminologists and psychologists telling about the methods of murders and maniacs themselves, which they have committed.

Series Popularity and Possible Renewal

Waiting when season two will be released it’s worth mentioning that the series has a rather big popularity among the audience – its rating on IMDB is of 7.3/10. The following new season premiere is sure to be presented in the nearest future, so stay tuned not to miss important data concerning the schedule of coming episodes and not to forget to receive all necessary information about the cast of the show and possible plot peculiarities.


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