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Not all the culinary shows are alike; yes, most of the projects simply talk about the process of cooking various dishes, describes the recipes, interesting ways of components mixing, etc. But when it comes to channel Viceland, its products are known to be particularly original and sometimes even shocking. This also applies to the show Dead Set, the coming of which is now being strongly awaited. The series has been broadcasted since the summer of 2016, and by today 2 full parts have been released. The audience more and more often asks the authors when the renewed Dead Set season 3 will return on their screens. The next season air date hasn’t been officially announced yet, but the public is eager to watch a new episode, so it’s worth waiting for the following season premiere to make sure that the format of the program hasn’t been changed.

Developers of the Show

Dead Set Season 3 Poster
The first season start took place in the July of 2016; the second season release date was set for October 27, 2016.
The idea of the show belongs to Paul Kell, who is a director and scriptwriter of Dead Set. His colleagues are executive producers whose main task is developing the program and searching for a suitable cast. These people are:

  • Tania Natscheff;
  • Lauren Cynamon;
  • Patrick McGuire.

The company producing this nonstandard project is Vice Studio Canada; the channel broadcasting the series responsible for the project runway is Viceland, the network famous for its original stories.

Plot Specifics

Dead Set Season 3 Spoiler
Despite the fact that the basic idea of ​​the show is finding unusual recipes, the main attraction of the program is its host Matty Matheson. This person is known to many as a former drug addict and alcoholic, who, however, managed to tie with his dark past and become a real star of the screen. This large tattooed man travels across Canada, looking for the most original ideas. And Matty finds them in the most unusual places and do not hesitate to share with the audience his own opinions about a particular dish or the method of its cooking.
The project will definitely be appreciated by those who love sometimes obscene dialogues and can safely look at how the most unusual Canadian chef transforms his life into one continuous story for the series.

Possible Continuation of the Series

A great popularity of Dead Set may seem surprising, but its incredible finale rating on a well-known website IMDB (9.1/10) proves that the public loves the series and is waiting for its continuation. The creators haven’t yet stated that the second season won’t be the last one, so stay tuned and get the information about the schedule of each new episode and all the interesting data regarding the plot and the cast of Dead Set.


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