Dash Dolls Season 2

Shopping is considered to be not an easy thing for accomplishing to the surprise of the majority of people. The TV show under the title “Dash Dolls” is featuring specifically this theme. Broadcast on the cable channel E!, the project is now waiting for the resumption for the sophomore chapter.

What is known specifically about this TV show?

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Dash Dolls is made as the TV show that is depicting the real events in the life of a team of female participants of the series. The serial is grounded on the success of the comparatively successful project under the title “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.
The broadcasting is held on the cable TV channel E! which is characterized mainly by the appearance of entertaining shows in its programming list.
The serial was opened at the start of autumn in the preceding year. As the matter stands, there is only one pioneer season at hand.

What is here portrayed?

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So the serial revolves around a group of women who are running a luxurious boutique in Hollywood called specifically “Dash Boutique”. It was opened as far back as in 2006 and now presents a full chain of clothing and accessories for women with a very high income. The founders are the one and the only Kardashian sisters.
This particular spinoff of the aforementioned main project was given a green light particularly in March 2014. But as the matter stands, we are not to enjoy any of the members of the famous family in this project. The shop turns to be speaheaded by sisters Malika and Khadijah Haqq who are responsible for all management issues and are cooperating with various designers.
The serial comes to be described as one packed with parties, cocktails, and all those characteristics of the star life in Hollywood which present some interest for those who are dreaming of leading such way of life.

Some presumptions concerning the popularity of the show

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In fact, this glamorous life is reckoned to be not a popular theme for viewing. But in any case, there is a certain amount of people who take a keen interest in the star life. The serial is especially for those who are dreaming of becoming one of the members of this flashing social layer.
There was nothing to worry about when the serial was broadcast as it was too early for such announcements as for example obtaining the Dash Dolls season 2 release date or at least the possibility of the resumption. But now, we the pioneer season being brought to the end with the release of the final episode, some doubts appear concerning whether the sophomore chapter will ever take place. Time is running and supposedly we are to have the continuation of the serial story this upcoming autumn but the developers prefer being tight-lipped about unfolding at least some details. So the serial can be reckoned now on the edge of cancellation.
In any case, we should wait until the news that is to come straight from the horse’s mouth emerges for us to follow.


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