Dark Woods Justice Season 2

The sheriffs of Jefferson County are set to take the criminal woods known as Last Untamed Wilderness under a full control, as the poachers put the existence of various trees species at risk. There are also other criminal activities in the woods, as this is the most suitable place for hiding bodies and drugs.  The series fate is not determined. Stay tuned for the following updates.

Brief Review

Dark Woods Justice is referred to the genre of criminal documentary. The broadcast of the series is a responsibility of Discovery Channel. The series is a new addition to the programming list having appeared in the recent past for the first time, on June 7, 2016, in particular.
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The series is developed by the leader of the executive team named Kyle Wheeler. The studio is entitled PSG.

Summarizing Ideas

America’s “Last Untamed Wilderness” is the title of the large woods with high ancient trees and valuable species. It keeps dark secrets under the massive cover of green leaves. What are these secrets? And why do we have a criminal story for watching?
The thing is that these woods are the resources for the prosperity of poachers. Western Big Leaf Maple is only one of those multiple goals for them, as being the number one material in terms of quality for the production of various musical instruments, it presents a great chance of making a fortune.
The woods see other criminal activities also. In order to get to know about all of them, let’s start watching the freshman season.
Surely, someone should end this criminal underground. Washington State Sheriff’s deputies have sworn to take the forests under a full control. So, let’s see how they will manage to do this.
Three men come to be pivotal on the show. They are named Detective Jeff Rhodes, Deputy Adam Newman, and Sgt. Don Kolilis. They are on the guard of the community and nature safety.
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Audience Reception

The series’ first and the latest premiere was noted for 1.2 million viewership. Throughout the course of the release this level has been maintained successfully with much suspense and drama included in the narrative. Nevertheless, as Jefferson County Sheriff Dave Stanko confirms, the story is an actual one. How life goes!
As the general opinion shows, the series stands as promising. The format and the concept are much dear to the taste of ordinary watchers and critics.

No Word on the Fate of the Show

This year the premiere has come and therefore, there is no hoping that another season will appear in 2016. Only next year, we will be lucky to follow fresh episodes. We think that the team of developers has a lot of materials for presenting them to us and that’s why the chances of renewal are high. Expect the exposal of the Dark Woods Justice season 2 release date getting closer to the middle of spring 2017. Nevertheless, stay tuned in the case of the near appearance of the revival.


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