Dark Net Season 2

Though the response from the audience regarding the first release of Dark Net is mixed, the Showtime channel has revealed that that the season 2 is to be launched come rain or shine next year.

Some Facts Related to the Docuseries

The start of this year has seen a new docuseries on Showtime. What is it? Investigating the issues of the modern times, for instance, bio-hacking, sex trade, cyber-kidnapping, and more others, the docuseries entitled as Dark Net explores everything that can be related to the Internet, as thanks to the web, numerous dark deals are arranged successfully, much to the regret of all of us.
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Some production matters should be resolved for you, certainly. The development of such project is not an easy thing for accomplishing and this can be entrusted only to the duo of companies – Vocaltv and Part2 Productions. The person behind the series is Matt Kochavi. Meanwhile, Lauren Terp provides us with the narration.
The premiere of the first season is the latest one, as of today, dated back to January 21, 2016. Currently, eight episodes are available for watching to the audience.

Offering Some Specifics on the Docuseries

The civilized world and people cannot live now without all those comforts that the high technology is offering to us constantly. Being all the time under development and improvement, all these comforts backfire on all of us later.
What exact issues come for a scrupulous investigation? We have already mentioned some of them earlier. Let’s add digital warfare, online cult organization, and pornography to this list. Well, it feels like the humanity has many problems for resolving nowadays.
The poignant issues are hailing from the evil side of technology, and here we understand the title of the docuseries – it reflects the contents of the program to the full extent.
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Some of us are just oblivious to all these changes in the society but the impact is huge and the certain steps should be taken in order to bring all these terrible influences to the end. Is it possible, in fact, considering that the modern people are almost fully involved in technology? We will find all answers in this docuseries.

With Regard to Reception

The reviews of the show have been divided into two teams. The first one considers the project rather impressive and highly pertinent and insightful. The opponents hold the opinion that the series has failed to expose the specified issues proposing the half-baked stories.
In any case, it is for you to decide whether the project is worth watching it. At least, it makes us take another look at the civilized comforts offered by technology. On Metacritic, the score constitutes 69 points out of 100 while on IMDb, the rating is more imposing – 7.4/10.
Yet much material should be explored and revealed to the audience and this unavoidably leads to creating a new chapter that is already confirmed to be launched next year. The Dark Net season 2 release date is an early issue, so far. We may not worry about it until the next year comes.


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