Dance Moms Season 7

Are you ready to dance with the team of pre-teens ladies and their magnificent mothers? If this theme is dear to your taste, you have a great chance the ongoing reality show titled specifically “Dance Moms”. At the current moment, the fans of the show have six seasons available on various online resources and are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the appearance of the seventh chapter.

About the show

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The serial presents a show for the admirers of dancing. The thing is that it revolves around the competitors who are considered to be teen girls supported by their mothers. The serial itself is a long-running project beloved by a large number of people. The opening was held in a far July 2011. The latest part of the reality show gladdened us beginning from the very start of January 2016.
The fabrication is the immediate duty of an American production company called Collins Avenue Entertainment.

What is the very essence of the project?

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The shooting of the reality show was primarily held in Pennsylvania. In the preceding year it moved to California, if to be more concrete to Los Angeles.
The serial focuses on different competitions in dancing. The immediate partakers are considered to be the pre-teen girls and their mothers who are supporting them as zealously as it is ever possible.
Here relationships of the dancing coach, the young ladies and their moms are also depicted. The mothers are quarreling very often with the coach as well as with each other being against the ideas presented by him.
The atmosphere of the project is competitive without any doubt that makes the watchers sit on the edge of the seats while viewing new episodes. So the plot is rather captivating that’s why the serial is so long-running being developed by its creators with regular intervals.

How has the serial been accepted by the audience?

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The serial has turned to be not only highly appraised by the common audience and critics but also nominated for various awards some part of which the project has won. For example, it was BMI Cable Award and Industry Dance Award.
During its five year run, the serial gave birth to the projects created in the UK. However, unfortunately, they won’t be running so long as this one.
As for the exact numbers, the serial in its latest form garnered more than 1 million people. It is considered to be a slight decline in the rating that has happened due to the viewers becoming a little bit bored by the monotonous action that should be somehow avoided in the following chapter in case it takes place in the future.
So far there is no information at hand about the feasibility of the resumption for the following part. And there is no wonder. The latest sixth stage of the project has bowed out quite recently and it seems to be too early for the announcement of the Dance Moms season 7 release date. In any case let’s not forget about your favorite reality dancing serial and keep abreast of new installment together with us.


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