Dance Dance Dance Season 2

Modern creators of entertainment shows often use the stars of cinema and television in their projects to attract the attention of viewers and to please them with new roles of their favorites. In a new British television series Dance Dance Dance on ITV channel, as it becomes clear from its very title, it is about dancing, while the cast in this show consists of different celebrities dancing in duos. The format is pretty standard, but that does not mean that viewers are not interested in such a program. This is proved by the fact that after the last new episode was introduced recently the audience began to turn to the producers of the show with the question about when Dance Dance Dance season 2 will debut. Release date is not already known, and the creators haven’t yet made any official announcements, but when there is any finale news concerning the second season premiere and the terms of broadcasting a renewed part, a great number of viewers will definitely return to their screens to watch the coming of their favorite program.

Authors and Developers

A little more than a couple of months ago, on January 8, 2017 the first season air date aired. By today the series has come to its end, and the whole first part included 6 episodes each running about 90 minutes, so now the audience guesses how many episodes the next season two will contain.
Dance Dance Dance Season 2 date release

The hosts of Dance Dance Dance are an inimitable Alesha Dixon and a talented Will Best. They make the show vivid and interesting, cheer the participants and viewers. There is also a crew of judges responsible for the evaluation of all the performances. These professional are:

  • Tina Landon;
  • Asley Banjo;
  • Timor Steffens.

The company involved in the production of the show is Talpa; the channel broadcasting all the previous episodes and that one which is likely to announce about the second new season release date is ITV, a British network.
Dance Dance Dance Season 2

Plot Review

The basis of the series is the principle of competition with a standard format – qualifying tests, semi-final and final round. The participants of the project have to appear before the judges in the image of dancers performing various compositions from famous musicals or clips. The main task celebrities face with is to perform a particular dance as close to the original as possible and so that might seem professional. Judging by how many viewers saw the first season start, we can say that the project turned out to be successful, and its participants became even more popular among the audience.
Dance Dance Dance Season 2

Show Rating and Prospects

Rather average rating on a famous website IMDB (6.3/10) is not a reason to blame the authors. When looking at the number of people who watched the premiere of the first part, it’s possible to say that 4.7 million viewers is very good result for a pilot season. There are all the chances for the show to air in the near future, but it’s still unknown when new season two is going to be released. Stay tuned and follow the schedule to find out all the needful information.

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