Cyberwar Season 3

Modern advances in digital technologies have led to the term "cyberwar" appeared in society. To know more about it help the authors of the series of the same title that has already been broadcasted on the popular TV channel Viceland since 2015.  The end of the second season of the show was a real disappointment for the public, which does not cease to try to learn when Cyberwar season 3 will be presented. Release date of the coming new episode hasn’t been officially announced yet. The series return on the screens will definitely be connected with a great audience’s interest. The renewed show is being strongly awaited, and it means that the next season release date will debut in the nearest future.

Creators and Developers

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The first season premiere was launched on July 5, 2016 and consisted of 15 episodes. The latest season two was presented on October 25, 2016, and now the public is waiting when season three is going to be released.
The series is developed and directed by the following respected filmmakers:

  • Ilse Fernandez;
  • Paula Neudorf;
  • Patrick McGuire;
  • Dylan Reibling;
  • Tania Natscheff;
  • Dagns Gallinger;
  • Elaisha Stokes.

The host of the program is Ben Makuch who also is the author of the script.
The network broadcasting the show and famous for its provocative stories and quality selected cast is Viceland.
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Brief Review

The show tells the story of various digital conflicts that are popular nowadays and describes possible serious consequences of such a war. The creators of the series bring to the audience the information about the types and methods of hacker attacks; reveal the secrets of the World Wide Web and explore possible ways of human development, taking into account a variety of factors. The program demonstrates the history of the most famous crimes in the computer field, transmits interviews with many knowledgeable people and in general reveals the potential way of development of modern society, full of digital technologies.
The interest to the finale episodes prove that the viewers are interested in the format of Cyberwar and are eager to see the continuation of this unusual and certainly an important program.

Possible Renewal and Rating

The following season start is likely to be presented in the next year. The prospects for its renewal are quite good: on a famous website IMDB the series rating is of 8.1/10 score and such a result for a documentary and scientific project is rather high. The new season air date is still shrouded in mystery, but according to viewers’ expectation the continuation is sure to be released as soon as all the conventions are solved. Stay tuned not to miss the schedule of episodes and be aware of any possible changes in the plot.


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