Cutting It: In the ATL Season 3

The stories about professionals, competing with one another in their particular skills have always had success among viewers, because the audience is always keen to learn something new and see the work of masters. A famous US show Cutting It: In The ATL is not an exception: this project has already earned a great success over the past two seasons. The premiere of season 1 took place on May 21, 2015, and season 2 was presented on the American television on July 14, 2016. Many fans of the program ask a logical question: when does Cutting It: In the ATL Season 3 premiere? Release date is still unknown, and all the information that was received from the creators is that the continuation will appear in 2016, thus, and the main hairdressers battle is about to start.

Series Plot

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The TV-show tells the story of four women with hairdresser talent, and at the same time the whole program takes place in the atmosphere of fun and friendship. Nevertheless, the struggle between the hairdressers is really hard because business in the beauty industry is considered to be one of the toughest. All the events are held in the US Atlanta, Georgia.
The new participant is Maja, who, however, despite her debut doesn’t hesitate to be a worthy competitor to other participants. Her plans are really serious: Maja is going to develop her business and become the mistress of the largest hairdressing center. Along with her three other participants are struggling for the victory: Mushiya, Beautii and Dedra. All of them are not less ambitious than Maja, and have got the same features, which are so necessary for a good master in order to become an upscale businessman – a certain percentage of temper and professionalism. All of them feel free to go to meet challenges and difficulties and are not ready to yield one another under any circumstances.

Ratings and Reasons for Continuation

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All these battles of aforementioned four participants are very interesting to the audience, but no one means any tough situations; the whole struggle is built on mutual respect and support. While talking about tension, Season 2 was not less expressive than season 1.
The premiere of Cutting It: In The ATL was watched by 4.5 million people, which is a very significant fact for this type of show. This project has earned positive feedbacks not only from the audience, but also from critics who appreciated their idea and said that the creators managed to bring something new in the genre of TV-series.
Today it’s certainly known certain that the decision to renew the series for season 3 has already been made. The Internet still has no any information and producers have not made any official statements. The only thing is possible to be said with confidence: season 3 of the show will be released in 2016. The fans of the project have already started counting the days before the premiere, waiting for new battles of great hairdressers and their unusual and unpredictable competitions.


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