Curvy Brides Season 2

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General Overview

That’s a non-typical reality project about non-typical brides preparing for the most important day in their life dealing with their complicated build. For more info on the plot and the format of the show read further.
Curvy Brides Season 2 Poster
Curvy Brides is broadcast by TLC. The project is produced by Jack Tarantino, Johnny Dockman, Richard Drew, Kathleen Bailey, Norma Fraser-Day, Sean Gallagher, Abby Greensfelder, Jennifer Gross, Nicole Sorrenti, Camilo Valdes, Cameo Wallace, Abigail Harvey and others.

The Format and the Participants

The busy sisters Yukia and Yuneisia are the leaders of the project. Their specialization is bridal dresses. However, what they do is a little bit more than taking care of future wives. They help curvy brides get their personal style trying hard to prove that plus-size brides can look almost as gorgeous as slim ones. The experience their clients get at their saloon is more than just satisfying. They finally can wear something that will not only fit them but will make them look just awesome.
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The saloon the sisters own is named Curvaceous Couture. It’s filled with gorgeous designer dresses fitting the bodies of real women. The sisters’ business is extremely successful. They say that their first store was opened in their father’s basement. Yukia and Yuneisia’s everyday work is to meet with new clients and help them deal with their shapes. They want to make clear that plus size is a non-standard thing that has a large variety of body shapes starting from an apple-shaped bodies to triangular-shaped ones. The sisters don’t forget to follow the latest trends of fashion industry trying to satisfy every single woman. They have a unique inventory and make a miracle out of a given budget and requests. They’re not afraid of difficulties!
Yuneisia Harris and Yukia Walker act as themselves.

Release Date Info

There’s no official info on the continuation of the project, but it hasn’t been cancelled after gaining great popularity among the viewers. Stay tuned no to miss the premiere date of the next season! Share your news in the comments below.


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