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Perhaps, only real fans of vintage cars that have become legends are able to appreciate the show, which was presented on a famous all over the world Discovery Channel about a year and a half ago. This is an American project Cuban Chrome, the program about the great cars that have at times been unjustly forgotten. The finale episode of the first season was shown long time ago, and since then the audience has been simply wearied of the uncertainty by asking the authors of the series one question: when will Cuban Chrome season 2 begin? Release date of the next season start is still shrouded in mystery, and it’s likely that not only viewers but also creators themselves do not know whether they are going to present the following season air date. If it happens, the renewed program is sure to be accepted with pleasure, so the motivation to launch a new episode is rather good.
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Production Info

The pilot season release date was scheduled for July 23, 2015. This part of Cuban Chrome consisted of six episodes, and there is still no information about how many series will new season two contain in case of its return on the screen.
The company producing the program is Pilgrim Studios; the channel responsible for coming of the next part and broadcasting of the following season premiere is Discovery Channel. In spite of being developed in the US, almost all the series was made in Cuba.

Brief Review

Cuban Chrome Season 2 Spoiler
The whole world of magnificent and rare cars is revealed in this extraordinary show. After the US government imposed sanctions on Cuban goods in 1959, most of these vehicles were forgotten. But the team of professionals has done a great job to all of these luxury cars have survived. Today, the two countries’ relations have significantly improved, and the public can see for themselves that all such beautiful and vintage cars can still be popular among motorists.
The cast of the series are experienced masters who managed to improve all the technical specifics of these vehicles and present it to the audience. If the first season is not the last, the fans of Cuban Chrome will definitely see new stories connected with all these legendary cars.

Prospects for Continuation

A whole army of fans loved the show not only for its excellent cars, but also thanks to excellent Cuba images, realistic and attractive. On a widely known website IMDB its rating is of 7.2, so the chances for renewal are still rather high. To know all the details of the next possible air dates and find out their schedule stay tuned and be aware that the authors will bring the series on the screen again.


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