Cuban Chrome Season 2

A new documentary show about automobiles presented so far in the shape of only one pioneer season is expecting when the creators decide its fate. So there is nothing to do now but to wait for the official announcements and stay tuned.

A new show about cars on Discovery Channel

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Are you a fan of the automobiles? If yes, this very project under the title “Cuban Chrome” has been created just for you. The serial turns to be developed in Cuba. The fabrication has been entrusted to Pilgrim Studios which team has carried out its duties brilliantly turning the show into the ground-breaking project.
The debut of the serial was held in particular in the middle of summer 2015. The broadcasting is completed on Discovery Channel. Currently we are in possession of only one chapter consisting of six full episodes. The loyal followers that the serial has already ignited are looking forward to the sophomore chapter.

What is explored here in fact?

Cuban Chrome is following the actually magnificent world of vintage cars by American fabrication. AS it is widely known, their production was put on hold after the established embargo to the nation of the island in the late 50s in the previous century when the famous revolution was held.
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The main person of the TV show is considered to be a participant of A Lo Cubano Car Club who is doing his best in an effort to save these tremendous cars for the following generations.
As you have become already acknowledged that the serial is politically grounded to a certain extent, it should be interesting now for you to get to know that the permission to film this project has been obtained before 2014, particularly in the time when the reestablishment of diplomatic relationship between the USA and Cuba had not be given a start.
In the pioneer episode, the restoring of 1958 Chevy Bel-Air was put to the detailed depiction.

What can be said about the acceptance of this TV show?

The serial has got a unanimous acclaim. The fans of cool cars turn to be shaken to the core with the release of such a marvelous project for them. This particular beloved theme depicted is joined by fascinating Cuba. These two things give in their entity a successful result for the project.

Can we hope for the return of this show to Discovery channel?

Surely, there exists a solid reason to affirm that we are dealing with the project that is aiming to stacks around on its home channel taking into consideration a unanimous acclaim of critics as well as common watchers, the admirers of the automobile world.
However, while at a present moment of being there is no information available concerning the very possibility of the serial resumption and the Cuban Chrome season 2 release date, we must be prepared to obtain news every day as it is high time for such thing as confirmations of the project continuation. Let’s hope that the serial will gladden us with new episodes later this year.


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