Couples Therapy Season 7

Relationships in celebrity couples come to be not also as simple as it might be expected. Stars are also people with their personal problems which they need to solve as other common residents of this planet. This very theme comes for portrayal here in the serial under the title “Couples Therapy” which is distinguished by a long run starting from 2012.

Encountering the history of the project

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Made as the reality show and broadcast on VH1, the given American series is a compelling and motivational project for all loving couples in the world presented by the company titled Irwin Entertainment.
The hit drama serial was opened with the first episodes broadcast at the beginning of spring 2012.

With regard to the very essence of the show

Making a summary of the story depicted, we should only mention that it follows various troubles in life of the star couples who has decided to attend the expert in relationships.
Being quite a popular psychologist, Dr. Jenn Mann provides different couples with a reasonable portion of advice intended to help to save the relationships that are in crisis now. Her personnel is not including only celebrities by the way. As for the most renowned stars participating in the show, we can allude here Doug Hutchison, DMX, Linda Hogan, Courtney Stodden, Charlie Hill, and a lot of others.
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Concerning the issues depicted in the latest installment

Being presented to the viewership at the start of October in the preceding year, the latest installment was aimed to supply the viewers with another dramas that were unfolded during exploring the relationships of such personalities as Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia, Angela Raiola and Neil Murphy, and also a considerable amount of others.
So the aforementioned expert embarks on attempting to save families and to reincarnate love feelings between the participants of the show.
As for the target audience, it is composed mainly from women with the serial being female-oriented. But as the matter stands, it can be useful for men who are usually lacking in the concrete knowledge of creating a harmonic family.

Prospects of renewal

Couples Therapy Season 7 Cast
Garnering its own fan base, the serial comes to be considered as the project with a supposedly empty content. So the opinion of critics turns to be not so much favorable. As the matter stands, it doesn’t disappoint the serial developers since they keep to their plan reviving the story at regular intervals.
Following the current situation with the project, the serial has not been renewed yet. It can splash in fact now some bothering among the fans of the show as the latest season was brought to an end a considerably long time ago.
There is nothing in course now but to make suppositions and wait for the appearance of concrete statements from official resources. That’s why we highly recommend to keep abreast of the coming installments following news on our service.

Update: Couples Therapy Season 7 Status

Although there has been no news about the future of the show, it does not mean we are completely in the dark. In fact, several things came to our attention. One, the show’s ratings are extremely high as of now. Two, VH1 could use a boost of popularity right now. When these two things are put together, the conclusion is rather obvious.
Indeed, it looks like we should expect season 7 to arrive very soon, perhaps in a few month. A wonderful thing for sure. Too bad that is a speculation, no matter how well-grounded.
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