Counting Cars Season 6

The admirers of various automobile shows can sigh with relief now as one of their beloved stories is going to storm into History Channel programming list this particular summer for the sixth time. The name of this project is “Counting Cars”. We will able to enjoy its new episodes specifically on July 5, 2016.

Discussing some principal issues of the long-running show

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Counting Cars is basically referred to as an illustrious American reality project aired on the History channel which is packed with a great number of documentary series as you know.
This very project comes to be created by Nathan Crouch. The fabrication was the very business of the company under the name Leftfield Pictures. The crew of executives is peculiar for such big names as Brent Montgomery, David George, and Shawn Witt.
As far as the premiere day of the first installment is concerned we are dealing here with the middle of August 2012. The most recent chapter was given start in the middle of this past February including 14 full episodes with the final one being released on April 5.

Reaching the very essence of the reality show

This very story is considered to be a third co-project of the reality franchise titled specifically “Pawn Stars” which has earned already its reputation of a successful series and now is giving birth to some other not less popular reality TV shows.
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So the shooting of this very serial is taken in the city of lights. It is Las Vegas where there is no time for sleep in fact. The project is narrative specifically of the working process held in the automobile and motorcycle restoration firm referred to as Count’s Kustoms. The leader of this company crew is Danny Koker. He is known for his expert experience in the aforementioned franchise.
The serial is quite familiar to its co-project named “American Restoration”. In the discussed project, we are to enjoy the appearance of such celebrities as Cassandra Peterson, Ziggy Marley, Rick Harrison, and a lot of others.

Ratings and general acceptance

As for the level of acceptance, it is reckoned to be above-average. This story seems like being dear to taste of the fans of the projects with the similar topic for discussion.
Defining the concrete numbers, we should mention here the scoring on IMDb which constitutes about 7.5 from 10 points. Even this one figure can be counted as quite enough to continue producing the story.
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Breaking news

As for the information received amidst this month, we are up against the revival of the show for the sixth season and its immediate defining of the premiere day. So the Counting Cars season 6 release date is reckoned to be now July 5 this year. As tradition needs it, the number of episodes remains the same alongside with their duration which constitutes about half an hour. Keep abreast of the situation with our service and you will get to know every available piece of information about your favorite TV show timely.


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