Cold Justice Season 4

As everyone knows, the police are not able to reveal all the crimes for which they are busy with, because many of the criminal cases are committed so perfectly that no expert could identify any criminal or the method he used. To help law enforcement authorities in this difficult task decided the creators of an American show Cold Justice, which began to be aired on TNT TV channel in 2013. After the last episode of the third season was shown the viewers, who liked the series, began to contact the authors with a request for a continuation, and the next question: when will Cold Justice return for season 4? Release Date of the next season premiere hasn’t been mentioned anywhere, but according to finale information presented by the producers, the public will not see the new episode, and the program will not return on the screen. Despite the audience was waiting for the renewed project to appear in 2017, the coming of the show seems to be very unlikely.

Creators and Developers

On September 3, 2013 the first season air date took place; season three started on January 9, 2015 and contained 24 episodes. For all the seasons the audience has watched 50 episodes each running about one hour.
Cold Justice Season 4 date release

The people responsible for the developing of the series and presenting all its air dates are executive producers. These professionals are the following ones:

  • Adam Kassen;
  • Gayle Gawlowski;
  • Dan Cutforth;
  • Dick Wolf;
  • Jane Lipsitz;
  • Tom Thayer;
  • Kathryn Vaughan and others.

Cold Justice Season 4

The companies producing the series and releasing each previous season start are Wolf Films and Magical Elves Productions. The channel which had been broadcasting the program for so long period of time the one which would present the next season release date if it were prolonged is ABC, an American TV network.

About the SeriesThe cast of the project includes Yolanda McClary, a former police investigator, and Kelly Siegler, a former prosecutor by profession. These ladies are committed to exploring the previously unsolved crimes and investigate mysterious murders, the perpetrators of which have not been found. All their activities took place only with the consent of the local law enforcement. The work of these women was not in vain: with they help the police could carry out a number of arrests and prove the guilt of a few dangerous criminals.
Cold Justice Season 4

Viewers’ and Critics’ Feedbacks and Rating

Despite the fact that the authors do not plan to present a new season, the series has a sufficient number of fans who appreciated the work of the creators. On a famous website IMDB the project has got a 7.7/10 score and this result is not bad. Many critics stated that the series was too provocative and improbable, but anyway the lovers eager to see the continuation. Stay tuned to make sure that new season four is not going to be released and find out the schedule in case the program will be renewed.

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