Coach Charming Season 2

Bill Alverson is talented enough at making Miss America nominees the winners. Providing them with useful advice and guides on how to behave on interviews, for instance, Bill knows his onions in pageant coaching. The series is a new one and we are waiting for the release of info regarding the series future.

Basic Info and Storyline

Coach Charming is another new part of the programming slate on the TLC channel. The series is a documentary about the life of Bill Alverson, a famous pageant coach. Both professional and personal sides come here for portrayal.
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The series production is possible due to TollboothTV. The first premiere is dated back November 2015. We may now surprise you but there is no data about the show future. Will the eighth available episode of the freshman season be the last one?

Concept Summary

The story is about a charming Bill Alverson. Don’t you know him? Well, if no, we will introduce this person to you. He serves as a lawyer with career achievements that make us respect this person. However, at the same time, he is a good father of his three already adult children.
Bill has a certain hobby also which lies in pageant coaching. He is good at it indeed. Just mentioning that he has led the last four Miss America contest winners will make you certain in this.
His family feels a sort of skepticism about his undertaking sometimes. But this does not contribute to him becoming unsuccessful in this sphere.
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When coaching, he should focus his attention on various interviews on which the first impression made by the good looks hinges exactly. But it is not only about looks but also about the very speech. Herewith, improving manners and intellect are the integral part of the training program run by Bill.

Audience Feedback

The audience seems to be in love with this charming man named Bill Alverson. The show is noted for the extremely populous following. The viewership is steady enough to speak further about the story continuation. The score on IMDb is also promising with 7.5 points out of 10.
The question is whether all this is enough for creating a new cycle. Let’s offer some specifics on the situation with the project at the present time.
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Is There be a Renewal in the Future?

According to the current situation, we are left in the cold without any hints at the series fate. The demand for it is high enough but still the resumption, as well as the Coach Charming season 2 release date remain to be announced yet. What is the reason for keeping silence? Can we wait for any news to come out ultimately?
It seems to us that there is some sense to pay attention to other projects on TLC until something is revealed concerning this program. The chances of the cancellation and revival are equal. Therefore, everything is possible. If something appears, we will notify you immediately about this news. Subscribe if you want to be in the swim.


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