Clash of the Grandmas Season 2

Numerous culinary shows, which can be found in a wide variety in today’s television, have approximately the same format. But the creators of the reality show Clash of the Grandmas on TV channel Food Network decided to change the concept of the program. The main idea of this project is culinary competitions among elderly ladies who are exploring new technologies of cooking and compete with one another in the fight for the prize. The first season has not yet ended, but the fans of the series are already asking the authors the question of when Clash of the Grandmas season 2 release will be aired. There is still no exact information about possible debut of a renewed show, but the new episode is sure to return. Its coming is being strongly awaited.

Creators and Hosts

Clash of the Grandmas Season 2 Poster
The first season air date of Clash of the Grandmas was presented on November 13, 2016. Its executive producers are:

  • Stu Schreiberg;
  • Stephen Kroopnick;
  • David Oliver.

The host of the program is Cameron Mathison, a well-known showman.
The crew of judges evaluating the quality of the meals cooked by the participants includes the following respected personalities:

  • Eddie Jackson;
  • Aarti Sequeira;
  • Nancy Fuller;
  • Jake Smollett;
  • Jamika Pessoa;
  • Brandi Milloy;
  • Monti Carlo.

Clash of the Grandmas Season 2 Cast
The channel broadcasting the series and responsible for the release of the second season premiere is Food Network.

Plot Review

The cast of the series are the contestants competing in each episode both learning new recipes and perfecting dishes that have already become classic. Thanks to the experience gained over a lifetime, grandmothers manage to cook real masterpieces. Someone is cooking own meals based on their family history, and someone is trying to invent something new and unconventional to impress the judges and win the honorary title of the winner. At the end of each episode the judges of the project evaluate their work, and one winner gets a very nice prize of $ 10,000.
It is likely that the format of the next new season will remain unchanged and the struggle among culinary masters will continue.

Chances for Renewal

The average number of the viewers of each episode is 1.44 million and the demo rating of the show is 0.38. Such a success is a serious claim to the renewal; it is still unknown when new season release date is going to be presented. Stay tuned to make sure that season one is not the last and to get the schedule of episodes of season two.


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