Chef`s Table Season 2

As a new documentary on Netflix, Chef’s Table is already revived for the third cycle which premiere is not slated so far. The exact launch date is unknown. But currently we have the second installment in broadcast.

Brief review

Chef’s Table serves as the first docu-series on Netflix which production has been accomplished by the channel’s own studios titled Boardwalk Pictures and City Room. The series is already award-winning though being so young now.
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The executive crew is composed of Andrew Fried, Brian McGinn, Lisa Nishimura and Matt Weaver. The inspirer of the show is named David Gelb who also performing the role of the executive producer.
The series premiere was held in the preceding year in spring. The second chapter has seen the light of day quite recently in this past May.

What is the concept?

It is a culinary show in its core as you have already guessed. But here we are not dealing with the competition held between cookers. Each part of one season turns to narrate about the working life of one chef who is known all over the world. Thus the experience, as well as reputation, of all participants are more than simply on an average level.

What comes here specifically for depiction?

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Cooking is presented here as a special art which philosophy cannot be perceived by anyone who is even fond of cooking.
Not only have the skills of a chef come here for portrayal but also their own cuisine as well as the immediate resources for inspiration.
Every chef is unique in terms of the methods of cooking and so on and so forth but mundane responsibilities are practically always the same. So here we are to follow also the working everyday life of various chefs.
The narration is given in a very intelligent and elegant way so that you can enjoy each minute of an episode.
The second season comes to involve in broadcasting such masters as Alex Atala (Dom in Sao Paulo, Brazil), Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn in San Francisco), Enrique Olvera (Pujol in Mexico City), Ana Ro? (Hi?a Franko in Kobarid, Slovenia), Grant Achatz (Alinea, Next and The Aviary in Chicago), and Gaggan Anand (Gaggan in Bangkok, Thailand).

About next installments

Chef's Table Season 2 Cast
We are lucky to acknowledge you that your all-time favorite culinary show about chefs is revived already for the third, as well as for the fourth installment. But here there is one thing you should be aware of. The case is that the third chapter is about to show the work of only French chefs. In such a way, the developers are to present to us supposedly the variety of the French cuisine.
The fourth installment is going to return to the traditional format narrating about culinary masters from around the globe including such countries as Japan, Russia, South Korea, as well as the USA and Peru.
The Chef’s Table season 2 release date is May 27, 2016. The third season launch date is surely so far unknown but we can predict that the appearance of this next circle is possible only in the following year if the developers do not decide to launch one more season in 2016.


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