Cheer Squad Season 2

That’s a documentary reality show. It follows everyday life of Great White Sharks – a team of cheerleaders. It means that the cast is a team of real people leading through the ups and downs of their sports life. 10 episodes were planned for season 1. The show is a nice way to have an insider’s look into the world of athletes and to difficulties of cheerleading that is a lot more challenging than it may seem from the first sight.
Production is held by ABC Spark accompanied by Good Human Productions. Claire Freeland is the executive producer. First season premiere date is the 6th of July 2016 for Canada and the 22nd of August the same year for the USA.
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The heroines of this project are young, beautiful, clever and driven. They stand together like sisters, mutually support each other and help each other dealing with hardships of life and relationships, school, job and numerous life affaires. Besides, they are idolized by a number of people being elite athletes. They are not typical cheerleaders of a typical school – they are the team of coolest cheerleaders in the world. Cheer Squad reality series shows the life of well-known cheerleading champions on the way to success and new achievements. Will they be able to find balance between challenging life issues and difficulties of the world of professional sportsmen and women? Don’t miss the second season air date to know more.

The Great White Sharks

Cheer Squad Season 2 Spoiler
They are one of the most famous and successful Canada’s cheerleaders. They participated in World Champions for two times. Their coach is Ali Moffat. Cheer Sport Sharks team is partially owned by Alana Porter – another World Champion couch. The members of the team take part in various routines devoting a ton of time to practice. This very thing makes them an award winning team. They are true faithful comrades and a loyal sisterhood. They spend lives together sharing everything they have with each other, like a family.

2nd Season Release Date

Second season air date of Cheer Squad is unknown yet, however, the show became extremely popular among viewers belonging to the younger part of the audience. ABC Spark network isn’t planning to cancel the show, but there’s no any info on possible renewal of the show. Stay tuned no to miss the latest news and the new episode of Cheer Squad season two!


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