Celebrity Family Feud Season 4

Game shows have never lost popularity since the very first one was released on TV. That’s a good chance to imagine yourself being the one in the audience or one of the participants. They’re always exciting mostly due to the reasonable sums of money that the participants get. What about this variation of Family Freud? What about the viewers’ attitude and is it getting back for season 4? Let’s have a brief review.

The Show

Celebrity Family Feud, is a cooperative project released by Mark Goodson together with Bill Todman in the USA. Family Freud is quite an old project and variation with celebrities is just a spin-off. A similar show had been present on American television in the 70-s and in the beginning of the 80-s. It was called All-Star Specials. Teams were made up of celebrities. The only difference here is that they were playing to win money for charity.
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The first incarnation of All-Star Specials was released in 2008. NBC aired it in summer as a part of the set of reality programs called All-American Summer. The show needed a host, and the first one whom NBC wanted to invite was John O’Hurley (at that moment he participated Secret Talents of the Stars on another channel). However, late NBC decided to get Al Roker to host the show. In a new version of the show released by ABC the host is Steve Harvey. Teams consisting of five people headed by a celebrity leader (the team members are his friends or relatives) compete to get a prize of $50,000 which they donate to charity after the show.


On the 9th of April 2015, ABC made an official announcement that they’re going to release Celebrity Family Feud in summer of the same year. The premiere episode of the show was released on the 21st of June 2015. Now the host of the project is Steve Harvey. That’s the syndicated version of Family Feud, the first one released by ABC after the end of the original project with the last episode released in June of 1985. The production is carried out by Sony Pictures Studios situated in Culver City, California.


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The participants must guess and name the most popular responses to different surveys that had been held with the participation of 100 people.

Steve Harvey

The host of Celebrity Family Feud is one of the most famous American actors and comedians, famous in all types of media. Had several books published. He’s a triple Emmy Award winner and NAACP Image Award winner in a number of nominations.

Release Date of Season 4

In the end of summer this year ABC decided to prolong the project for season 4. However, the exact release date is unknown yet.


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