Catfish: The TV Show Season 6

The averagely appraised show does not hurry up so far to appear again on screens concluding from the absence of info regarding the next installment. What is the future of the project? What are chances of renewal? Let’s revise these issues as fully as possible, defining the exact rating figures as for the release of the latest chapter.

Main Info as for the TV Project

Catfish is an MTV show based on the real-life stories about online dating taken partially from the 2010 Catfish documentary film. The broadcast has been held since 2012 and thus we may refer the project to the settlers on television. Five seasons have successfully launched, in particular. The latest season has been launched at the start of this year, in February specifically.
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The series hosts are named Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. The studios entitled as Catfish Picture Company and Relativity Media are behind the TV show.

What is the Theme for Depiction?

With the technology becoming a significant part of our lives, people have started to communicate on various platforms being far from each other. This helps, surely, to keep in contact with your dear persons yet in many cases it leads to sad consequences.
This show reveals the truth hidden behind the profiles on dating websites. People often create images of themselves that do not coincide with their identity in reality. Each time, in order to expose everything, the hosts of the show set off on a trip towards a place of living of a person that is under investigation.
By means of various means applied in their research, they get to know finally, who these persons are in fact. One episode is devoted to one person with the “catfish” often contacting the producers and wanting to come clean.
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Viewership and Scores

The rating level of the TV show is quite decent with the score on IMDb equaling 7.2 points out of 10. On Rotten Tomatoes, it is a bit higher – 73%.
Generally, the reviews are rather favorable yet there are some points for which the show can be blamed. This can lead to cancellation considering also the fact that the viewership has declined from 2 million watchers to only 0.4 million within the five-season release.
The series is in the jeopardy of being canceled once and for all. It only adds to doubts that the series is still to be renewed for the sixth installment. The chances are not so high yet they exist. You should not be under the illusion, however, that the Catfish: The TV Show season 6 release date can appear in the near future, supposedly only next year, if the verdict is positive.
How do you perceive this TV show? Is it of high quality or not? Do you consider it realistic and quite theatrical? Share your opinions with us leaving comments below the post!
In any case, only the resumption for the sixth season, at least, can assuage our doubts now. Thus, stay tuned for updates, as it can be announced earlier than next year.


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