Caraoke Showdown Season 2

Popular game shows appear on television very often and very often they disappear quickly. Perhaps the project Caraoke Showdown, which recently started on Spike TV channel, will be the series that can last a long time and deserve a great audience love. In this fascinating show participants are usually ordinary viewers who go about their business and suddenly fall into a completely unusual atmosphere of fun and music, where they not only sing songs and guess the famous tunes, but do it all for good money. For one season, the last episode of which was shown only recently, the series has already acquired many fans, who are now puzzled by the fact when Caraoke Showdown season 2 will be presented. Release date of the series new episode is still unknown to the audience, but the second season premiere may possibly air in the near future. The coming of the next renewed part seems to be quite possible, so the show has good chances to return again.

Authors and Developers

The first season start was presented to the public on January 12, 2017. The last episode was shown on March 16, 2017, and the whole number of the parts is 10, where each of them was lasting about half an hour.
Caraoke Showdown Season 2 date release

The host of the program is Craig Robinson, an inimitable man making the atmosphere of the game funny and friendly. The other man performing the cast of the series is Isaac Thompson Jr., playing himself.

The executive producers promoting the project on TV and doing everything possible for this game to air again are such personalities as:

  • Alice Dickens;
  • Brian Veskovsky;
  • Tom Johnson;
  • Howie Mandel;
  • Peter Hershko.

The company producing Caraoke Showdown is CORE Media Group, and the network which will surely present the following season release date is Spike TV.

Plot Review

During a trip in a wonderful taxi passengers take part in a funny game where they have to guess the songs of popular singers, to perform certain compositions themselves, as well as to invite passers-by to take part in this game. At the same time in one round the player can earn from $ 500 to 2,000, which is pretty good. In some cases, as project participants can also act celebrity guests, who are also competing, and at the very end of the competition the two teams struggle for the grand and impressive prize of $ 5,000.

Possible Continuation and Renewal

The program will probably air in the near future; otherwise a lot of fans will be very disappointed. The second season air date will definitely be known when all the authors and producers come to the same conclusion, and there hasn’t been any finale decision. Stay tuned to know interesting facts about an upcoming season two and be aware of the schedule that is going to be presented.

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