Candidly Nicole Season 3

This series is following the life journey of Nicole Richie who being a daughter of Lionel Richie serves as a separate personality with her talents to acting, writing, and making stylish decisions. The series is relatively new with the available two seasons for us. The third one is yet to be confirmed.

Brief review

The series we are going now to discuss is a new part of the programming list of the reality shows on the VH1 channel available for viewing in the USA.
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The project immediate production lies on Telepictures and World of Wonder with Nicole Richie, Michael Baum, and Carrie Franklin working as executives. From the side of the channel, the team of executives comes to be joined by Susan Levison, Jill Holmes, and Kristen Kelly.
The release pf the first season was held amidst summer 2014 while the second opening is dated back to the previous year and again July.

Who is this Nicole?

The series revolves around the professional life of Nicole Richie who is reckoned to be a woman with a variety of talents. But who is she specifically?
At first, it is a daughter of the popular singer named Lionel Richie. Now being a grown-up person, she is referred to people who know what they are wanting from life. She is an actress, writer, as well as a fashion innovator. Thus, she knows her onions when it comes down to creating stylish things.
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Surely, this show cannot escape from the opportunity to penetrate in the personal life of heroine showing how she is building up relationships.

Catching up with the events in the latest chapter

Premiering in summer 2015, the second season turns to gives an unprecedented look at the days in the life of Nicole when she comes up with a device that helps people say embarrassing things, but her business partner ends up turning on her.

Ratings and opinions towards the show

The impressive status of ratings is gladdening our eyes and we are set to consider the series as a settler on the VH1 channel. Nevertheless, the situation is not so inspiring as it is actually expected to be. So, what is the reason for the delay? Is the series to be ever resumed for another chapter or the second installment will become the last one? Let’s follow the situation and define the chances of renewal.
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What is the fate of the project?

The series resumption must have been announced as far back as in the previous year if to take into consideration that the first premiere was set in 2014, thus, two years ago. For this period of time, two new seasons could have been developed. Nevertheless, there is only one of them, the second cycle while the third one is still on the bubble.
Therefore, we are on the right to think that the cancellation is much more probable. Surely, before it is not announced officially, we can hope for the appearance of the Candidly Nicole season 3 release date. Stay tuned together with our service since info can appear at any moment.


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