Canada`s Smartest Person Season 4


Canada`s Smartest Person is a reality TV competition, which will give the people an opportunity to become popular. It was produced in Canada. The season premiere was on 2012 and since that time people have a great opportunity to see it again and again. The Canada`s Smartest Person 4 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


Here in the center of attention a lot of alluring and vivacious people will appear. So you must be ready to see such characters in the cast:

  • Jessi Cruickshank.
  • Jeffrey Douglas.
  • Tim White.
  • Max Cameron.
  • Daryl Dillman.
  • Tim Blais.
  • Anthony Craparotta.

Canada`s Smartest Person Season 4 date release

The director is Dave Russell. The producers are Melanie Brobyn, Robert Cohen, Barry Davis, Shellie Rubin, Jeff Thrasher, Karel Noordover, Nikki Chow, Catherine Stockhausen, Andreea Denes.


In this show you will see the smartest intellectuals of the world. Here you will notice the theory of multiple intelligence. In the center of attention six participants will appear and they just try to contend all the challenges in different categories. Among the main of them we must underline physical, musical, social, logical, visual, linguistic. Here each time a great competition will appear and only the winner will take the main prize – the title of Canada`s Smartest Person.
Canada`s Smartest Person Season 4

In this story you will have a great possibility to see all the people with unusual skills and they are ready to do the most unexpected and difficult things in order to become the winners of the show. It means a lot for them and it is so interesting to see it.
Canada`s Smartest Person Season 4


In the new episode of the serial the most intelligent and fancy people will appear. They are very different – different ages and levels of education, different manner and social status. But they don’t give up and they want to reach the aim and to become the greatest ones. You will be happy to see that serial with many exciting questions and problems.

Pay attention, that the duration of one episode is not so big, so you will appreciate the TV show in any suitable moment.

The season air date can be shown, when there is a necessity to underline the peculiarities of one or another serial.

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