Canada`s Smartest Person Season 4

Favorite and beloved by many viewers intellectual and entertaining show Canada’s Smartest Person continues broadcasting on TV channel CBS. For the first time this project appeared in 2012, and later it was transformed in the series that the audience is used to seeing today. The third season of the program has recently been launched, but the audience is already interested if Canada’s Smartest Person season 4 will be presented. Release date of the renewed popular TV show is about to be announced. When its creators will return it on the screens, the viewers are sure to be very pleased. The coming of a new episode is being awaited right now, so the new season air date when presented will certainly be a real gift for the fans of the project.

Show Creators

Canada's Smartest Person Season 4 Spoiler
The director of Canada’s Smartest Person is Dave Russel. He and his crew of executive producers not long ago presented the third season of this series on November 13, 2016. It’s still unknown when 3 will come to its end, but according to the previous parts it’s likely to have not less than 9 episodes.
Executive producers of the program are:

  • Robert Cohen;
  • Trevor Hammond;
  • Elana Devine.

The current host of the series is Jessi Cruickshank; earlier she was helped by Jeffrey Douglas.
The company producing the show is Media Headquarters; the network which has been broadcasting Canada’s Smartest Person for such a long period of time and responsible for its next season release date is CBS.
Canada's Smartest Person Season 4 Promo

About the show

It’s worth noting that the cast of the program are absolutely ordinary people. The participants of each episode are competing with one another in a variety of disciplines. Among the categories, which six people correspond to, one can find music tasks, linguistic riddles, logical puzzles, social issues and so on. At the finale part of the program the winner gets the deserved title and the right to be called Canada’s Smartest Person.

Series Rating and Possible Renewal

When new season premiere is announced, the public is sure to be satisfied as the show is very popular among various people in the whole world. Its rating of 6.4/10 on IMDB is a very doubtful indicator of viewers’ love, and Canada’s Smartest Person still has a great number of fans. Stay tuned and be the first to get the schedule of future episodes and make sure of possible continuation, which is likely to be launched in the nearest future.


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