Cake Boss Season 8

Another chapter of the sweet show that revolves around the working process at the bakery is aiming at pleasing us with new delicious episodes packed in the eighth season. The launch date is yet to be announced. Therefore, we recommend to you strongly to keep your eyes open as September is coming and you should be put into the picture timely.

Brief review of the project

The title of this story is just inviting all admirers of sweet pies to submerge into the world of cakes and sugar. The product of American television company, Cake Boss is a cooking reality show that is specializing in how the business of bakery is led.
Cake Boss Season 8 Poster
Broadcasted on TLC, the project is developed by High Noon Entertainment and Valastro’s own Cakehouse Media. The production is also held for Discovery Networks International apart from TLC.
The exact names of developers are Jim Berger, Matt Walker, Pamela Healey and Scott Feeley.
The first premiere was held in April 2009. The series is, thus, not new having seven seasons under the belt and the eighth one being already determined as a coming one.

Following the concept

Here we are to clarify how Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey spearheaded by Buddy Valastro is working.
The members of the bakery team are all professionals in this sweet sphere of production. It consists of his four sisters, two brothers-in-law, cousins and the family matriarch, Momma. Working together in harness, they are making their best to bring their business to success.

Latest season developments

Cake Boss Season 8 Promo
The latest premiere was held in the preceding September with the subsequent twenty episodes full of excitements and surprises. So, what is going on there specifically?
The premiere episode was presented as a live two-hour event from Carlo’s Bake Shop in Hoboken with Buddy, his family, and other favorites on the TLC channel.
The business of the bake shop keeps getting traction becoming more and more popular among the residents of the town. In this very season, the crew decided to renovate everything uncovering a message for Buddy from his late father. The most delicious and sweet masterpieces ever were shown there.

Renewal for the eighth season

As we have been aware yet from January 2015, the series was going to appear in the future in the shape of season 7 and 8. Thus, a double renewal was made. The seventh one is already available for us to enjoy it and not it is time for the eighth one.
It was also announced with the revival that each one would include 20 full-fledged episodes. So let’s see, how they will keep their promises and hope that the premiere will be held in this autumn.
The Cake Boss season 8 release date is so far unknown but it seems to us that it is flying in the air and should be stated in the very near future. Therefore, we recommend to you strongly to keep your eyes open as September is coming and you should be put into the picture timely.


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