Building Wild Season 3

A new show from National Geographic is so far put on hold, as the developers are tight-lipped about its continuation. So let’s keep our fingers crossed in favor of the series continuation.

Brief review

Created by the entire team of experienced executives named William Spjut (Border Wars)Paul DiMeo (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition), Roberto Cardenas (American Guns), and George Verschoor (Scrappers), the series “Building wild” revolves around the work of the designer Designer Paul DiMeo and craftsman Pat "Tuffy" Bakaitis  as they get acquainted with a new client whose requirements they are to meet.
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The series is broadcasted now on the National Geographic Channel. The debut was held amidst January 2014. The second cycle saw the light of day a little bit later in February 2015.

Following the idea

The Cabin Kings are the experienced stars here. They are named Paul DiMeo and Pat "Tuffy" Bakaitis performing the duties of a designer and craftsman correspondingly.
Each episode, this marvelous team embarks on creating a new construction on the order of a new client. The constructions are not usual both in terms of exploiting and shaping.
So each time they meet a wild piece of property and their clients’ dream of building the perfect cabin. The Cabin Kings have only one week at their disposal to make a perfect match from all that variety of elements they have to present a new backwoods paradise to their clients.
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Pat “Tuffy” Bakaitis has, by the way, his own excavation company. He has participated in the building of a large number of house structures. So he has known his onions from the very childhood when his family house was burned to the ground.

What is going on in the second installment?

The second installment appearing in the previous year showed us as Tuffy and Paulie created a special cabin for a sports admirer and his dearest people.
They are to build this cabin over a waterfall again specifically in the Hudson Valley region of New York. Other orders include also a floating cabin for fishermen from Grafton, as well as an aviation-themed cabin on a hilltop for a pilot.

Feedback and reviews

Building Wild Season 3 Cast
The series is gaining traction with a quite often appearance of favorable reviews towards this show on various online resources. The critical acclaim is also taking place. So everything seems like perfect without taking into account the absence of the official confirmation of the next third installment. Winter, as well as spring, has already passed. Moreover, there is no summer news also. Is it the reason to begin to worry? How can we explain this detention?
In any case, there is no essence to play a guessing game. The only thing we can do is to keep waiting for the official news to come off with our fingers crossed in favor of the positive decision in terms of the series future. Let’s hope that the Building Wild season 3 release date will be obtained as soon as it is possible.


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