Botched By Nature Season 2

Botched By Nature is a spinoff created on the base of Botched series with Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow as the main members of the cast. In the original project, the doctors help those whose plastic surgery went wrong. Botched by Nature deals with patients of other kind. The show is often criticized for the title; however, the patients never say that this title feels humiliating to them. The doctors are also used to be called “The Botched Doctors” feeling ok about that.


Botched by Nature is about talented doctors ready to assist people suffering from traumas and severe physical damage. Either they were born with this or that condition or challenged to live with it after terrible circumstances that lead to these traumas.
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Botched by Nature reality project will follow the doctors involving as deep as it’s possible with patients suffering from severe and sometime life-threatening birth defects. Their deformed body parts provoke unbelievable sufferings and these talented plastic surgeons always have something to afford to change the situation for the better. Those who really need surgery are taken to Los Angeles for surgeries.
In episode 1, the doctors get to Las Vegas in order to help a woman with autoimmune disease. She needs to do something with deformation of her breasts. Then the doctors try to do what they can to help a twin named Nate with horrific abnormalities on his face, while his brother is absolutely normal.
These brilliant doctors change lives of people suffering for many long years of being real outcasts. Things they do are truly life-changing.
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As it’s a reality project, it’s created with the participation of real people. Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow are the stars and the hosts of the project. They are experienced surgeons with enough passion and strength to reach their goals. The doctors leave their comfortable offices and travel all over the country to consult their new patients. They examine people with unpredictable conditions and evaluate their chances for success after possible surgery. People are provided with surgery after the show.

2nd Season Release Date & New Episodes

Unfortunately, there’s no info on the future of the project and we still don’t know when the new episode of season two will be released. Stay tuned and follow the news with us!


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