Boston EMS Season 3

It is a new medical show on the ABC channel broadcasted since 2015. The second season release date is July 30, 2016. The latest chapter concluded in August.
As for the producers behind the project, they are ABC News and Lincoln Square Productions with the cast of executives spearheaded by Terence Wrong.

As for the Concept

The series is about the working life of the Boston Emergency Medical Services. Every day, people get traumas being in the urgent need of medical help. These courageous members of the team are always ready to embark on resolving a new case.
Boston EMS Season 3 Poster
The patients are critically traumatized much often. Sometimes, it seems that there is no hope that a person will outlive this. The professionals are working on their patients to the very end sometimes even when the closure is sad. They make their best without even thinking that their attempts can be vain.

How has the Series Been Received?

The show is peculiar for its amazing popularity. Delivering super ratings, the series is an excellent candidate for becoming a settler on its channel.
To be more exact in this situation, the viewership constitutes 2.5 million watchers per each new episode as for info obtained from the first season premiere. The latest debut has been noted for a slight decline to 2 million viewers. Nevertheless, it seems like solidly enough to create the following chapters, at least a couple of them. The score on IMDb is healthy – 7.6 points out of 10. All this makes us believe in the positive unfolding of events next year.
Boston EMS Season 3 Spoiler
Are you a medical worker? If yes or you feel competent in medical issues, say truly whether this project realistic or not. How do you think? Is this show to your liking in general? Do you like the idea? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

No Renewal Announcement

Having made the situation with ratings clear, it is time to sat something about the future of the show. As for now, nothing has been heard about the resumption, as well as about the Boston EMS season 3 release date. There is essence in worrying now, as it is too early for such things. The second season air date is July 30, 2016, as we have already mentioned. Thus, the story can get continuation only next year.
Stay tuned nevertheless in the case of the early resumption. Follow our service and you will catch everything related to this medical program!


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