Boss Nails Season 2

Beauty industry reality TV projects have always been attractive for the female part of TV audience. This one is the most peculiar, cause it’s devoted to nails and all possible and impossible ways to make them beautiful. One of the projects developed by Oxygen Media. The series follows everyday life of Dana Cody – a 26-year-old owner of Tippie Toes Nail and Beauty Salon. She’s also Aviva Drescher’s mom (the one from Real Housewives of New York).

About the Project

The center of attention in the series is Dana Cody. She’s well-known in Miami for being one of the most sassy and glamorous women in beauty business. Her Tippie Toes Beauty Lounge is extremely popular due to her personal talents and skills of her employees. Dana is stubborn and determined. She continues to develop the business of her mom. She’s a very sensible and knows no compromises cause her aim is to turn her small but promising business into a great nail empire.
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Each episode of Boss Nails lasts for half an hour. In every episode Dana and her staff have to deal with most eccentric, demanding and unpredictable clients. Their aim is to create unique nail arts. They manage to create sexy and provoking manicures as fierce stilettos and stylish unique nail designs for those who wish something different from the others. The clients never leave Tippie Toes Nail disappointed. The owner of the salon is also well-known for her manicures embellished with crystals.

Dana’s Staff

  • Paige – one of the most sassy and groovy members of the staff. Probably it’s because she’s Dana’s cousin. She’s one of the youngest member in Tippie Toes, but she grew up here and knows absolutely everything about nails art.
  • Yaya – never afraid to speak her mind and show her attitude to everyone opening the door to the salon.
  • Nuni – one of the most talented artists in the team.
  • Rod – best at making stilettos. He’s also a local trouble maker.
  • D’Marie – Best at unique acrylic nail designs. She’s also the youngest member of the salon, but it doesn’t make her less artful and productive.
  • Doneita – fond of everything bright and bold. Not afraid of crazy make up and nail designs.
  • Amber – managed to learn how to work on the nails completely herself. Famous for her funky style.
  • Ms. Karen – the manager of the salon and the one managing to glue it together as strong as possible.

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New Broadcasts and the Release Date

Boss Nails reality show is currently in the state of production. There’s no info on the continuation of the project, but the series’ ratings are quite promising so there’s nothing to be afraid of. The second season is on the way and the release date of the first episode of it will soon be revealed.


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