Border Wars Season 7

A settler on the National Geographic, Border Wars serves as another addition to the investigating shows. The series latest season was released last year and since then we have not heard about its future. Thus, the series is on the hook but do not hang down your heads, as the situation is not so pessimistic.

General info

Here revising the show under the title “Border Wars”, we should turn your attention that the story is rather popular due to its course comprising six years and six full chapters.
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As a real life story, the documentary turns to narrate about people who are busy with detaining criminals. The broadcast is licensed by National Geographic. The show about investigation needs a careful and prudent work on it, as much detail should be brought onto screens in order to create a full picture and thus attract the audiences. So, the executive team should know its onions. Here it comes to be composed of Neil Laird, Char Serwa, Chris Valentini, Kathleen Cromley, George Verschoor, and Jonathan Halperin.
The premiere of the first season was held in January 2010, thus six years ago that gave us six full-fledged cycles. The first one consisted of only five episodes.

Following the idea

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The U.S. borders are under a full control of the guys from the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and some other departments which employees a monitoring the situation in order not to let undocumented immigrants, drug smugglers, and other criminals violate immigration to the USA and country’s customs laws.

What is happening in the sixth chapter?

The latest chapter was given April start in the previous year. Since then, however, we have not heard about even the feasibility of the seventh chapter.
Catching up with the events of the real life story, we should name here such as preventing the traffickers from transporting huge volumes of cocaine and heroin to the country.
The agents and officers staying on the guard of the country’s borders are taking their duties and service much seriously and do not let anyone break laws, no matter whether it is just crossing the country illegally or cashing in on the huge volumes of duty-free trade.
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Ratings and reviews

The series was perceived as something actually worth watching it. So there is no doubt the title of a settler on National Geographic was fairly deserved. Though ratings are high, we are dealing now with not so optimistic state of affairs, as the resumption for the seventh chapter has not been so far made. So what are we destined to do now? In fact, we can only hope for the positive twist and that it is only a delay but not a trail to cancellation. So let’s be in the swim together with us and wait for the announcement of the Border Wars season 7 release date. Follow us and you will get acknowledged of any kind of news regarding your favorites.


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