Booze Traveler Season 3

It’s sort of reality travelling TV project with an unpredictable idea in the center. The show was created and released on the 14th of November 2014. It hasn’t been cancelled yet – looks like Travel Channel’s got big plans for Booze Traveler and its possible updates, though the current status of the project is unknown. There are two seasons in the show with 31 seasons in total. So, what’s this all about and how did the creators manage to refresh habitual travelling TV project into an attractive and promising one?

The Format and the Host

Booze Traveler show is presented by Jack Maxwell. He travels around the world taking part in alcohol based traditions and customs. Of course, the show pours some light on general geographic and cultural travelling facts, but the central idea of the project is to share the unforgettable experience of participating in drinking rituals altogether with the inhabitants of the visited places. He tries most extraordinary and weird drinks – camel’s milk vodka and Amazonian fermented spit drink, for example.
Booze Traveler Season 3 Poster

What Knowledge do We Get?

  • Spain’s got the greatest amount of bars in Europe.
  • In Khangai Mountains the liquid for the alcohol is filtered with the help of diamonds and pearls.
  • Unconventional Japanese drinking traditions.
  • Netherland’s drinking traditions are one of the oldest in the world.
  • Louisiana’s liquors are absolutely unique.
  • How to cure a hangover in South Africa.
  • Best of the oldest Armenian alcoholic drinks.
  • Maori’s Kava sedative drink is just crazy.
  • Wine can be made from reptiles.
  • Lots of alcoholic drinks are initially medicinal.

Booze Traveler Season 3 Promo

Moral Issue

The show doesn’t promote drinking habit as a positive one. It’s not only about drinking  – it’s about people sharing their countries’ old traditions, telling beautiful tales and legends, demonstrating that alcohol is a lot more than s potion to take troubles away – it’s a part of the country’s character, it’s people and the conditions they used to live in.

Season 3 Release Date

There was no official confirmation of the renewal of Booze Traveler. Looks like Travel Chanel isn’t planning to cut it, so, updates are quite possible. Stay tuned and don’t miss season 3!


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