Blood and Fury: America`s Civil War Season 2

Blood and Fury: America’s Civil War is a historical docuseries produced by Cream Productions. Kate Harrison, David Brady, and Max Culhane are people responsible for all those fabrication issues. The first season premiere was arranged on December 14, 2016, with six episodes already launched. Herewith, much attention is given to the continuation. Will it ever be announced? When can we expect the appearance of info regarding Blood and Fury: America’s Civil War season 2 release date? The situation is not promising, honestly speaking. What are exact reasons? Let’s turn to this a bit later.

Closer to the Concept

Blood and Fury: America's Civil War Season 2 Poster
With this series, you will find yourself in the era which is considered one of the most important periods in American history. The era is connected to the largest greatest internal struggle that turns to be explained by experts with the simultaneous ambitious dramatic reenactment.
Each new episode is dedicated to a separate battle. The information is presented from the point of a soldier. Thus, there are six battles included into the freshman chapter:

  • Battle of Bull Run,
  • Battle of Fredericksburg,
  • Battle of Antietam,
  • Battle of Gettysburg,
  • Battle of Petersburg,
  • Battle of Nashville.

Negative Feedback

To begin with, let’s just mention the rating figures without analyzing them. The viewership constituted 0.2 million watchers during the first episode and then went up to 0.25 million viewers. It seems to be enough for such kind of shows. However, when reading the reviews and comments, the hopes for the future announcement of the second season release date start disappearing gradually. The thing is that the series has many things to be blamed for, actually. Among the most prominent disadvantages, there are such ones as the lack of accuracy of the recreations themselves, the performance of the acting cast that leaves much to be desired, and the improper representation of both sides of the conflict. The reviews are proved by the score on IMDb constituting only 2.0 out of 10.
The cancellation is more probable in this case but it is still hard to predict something. In any case, something can be improved in the second chapter. Following this thought, some hopes are still reserved that the new season air date is exposed in  2017. Stay tuned for news!


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