Black Market: Dispatches Season 2

Presented by Michael K. Williams the project reveals numerous cases of illegal and dangerous crime activities. It’s about stolen cars, international crime affaires, gunrunners and their weapons, dangerous medicines, horrible political and military affairs, dark web, illegal underground cases and drugs.

General Info

These are short 25 minute episodes aired by Viceland Channel on Tuesdays. The last new episode was released on the 18th of October this year. The show enjoyed numerous positive ratings and favorable reviews from the critics and from the viewers. Now the fans are looking forward to the continuation and it looks like the show’s got a true potential for several more season being all together a nice educational documentary with action and drama elements.
Black Market: Dispatches Season 2 Poster
The creators of the project say that their aim is not simply to plunge you into the world of hidden criminal threats. The viewers are given a chance to demonstrate the reasons why people commit crimes getting involved inside criminal enterprises. Black Market: Dispatches reveals that most part of crimes is based on desperation coming from those who has suffered a lot in this life.
You have to create your own system or fail the one that already exists if the system fails you. That’s the key idea of every upcoming new episode of Black Market: Dispatches. If you’re interested whether Viceland Channel will continue the project and when the new episode of season two will be released, scroll down further and subscribe to our updates.

Facts You’re Going to Get

Black Market: Dispatches Season 2 Spoiler

  • You’ll explore The Tunnels of Gaza. You’ll follow the life of people suffering from economical pressure, trying to survive deep down in the tunnels attacked by Israel and Egypt.
  • You’ll know who Venezuela’s Kamikaze are.
  • You’ll have a brief overview of Dark Web and the way it’s freely used in drug dealing.
  • You’ll meet desperate young women from Syria that were trafficked into illegal sex business.
  • You’ll get to know more about extinct animals being captured and killed with no legal permission for that.
  • You’ll be plunged into the world of prostitution, romance and things you’ve never even supposed could exist.
  • You’ll be informed about political situation with Ukraine and illegal affaires connected with its unstable position nowadays.

Second Season Air Date

The next season release date is unknown yet, probably, because the show’s got to an end of its first season in October of this year – it’s too early to make some stable plans for future releases. Viceland Channel is still to renew the project with the same cast soon, so follow the news not to miss the updates and the premiere episode of season 2.


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