Black Love Season 2

The future of the Black Love series is the agenda now since there has been no news appearing on the official resources regarding the date of this program on FYI. Is the cancellation probable? What are the predictions? What can we hope for?

Main Production Aspects

The series is referred to a new pack of TV shows broadcasted on the FYI channel. The first premiere was held in December 2015. Now, we are waiting for the news about the fate of the program but it seems that we will face the case of cancellation.
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The series concept lies in chronicling the attempts of five single black women in New York City to find their second halves.
The series production is the matter of resolving for the company entitled as Kinetic Content with the team of executives composed of Chris Coelen, Helen Moawad, Karrie Wolfe, Gena McCarthy, and Liz Fine.

Following the Concept

The heroines of the story are women with brilliant career achievements. Nevertheless, their lives are lacking in those long-lasting romantic partnerships. Well, they have come to the show for them.
They are not alone, being assisted by experienced professionals in the sphere of psychology named Damona Hoffman and Jack A. Daniels. The heroines are expected to go through a range of workshops and counseling sessions on their paths to creating serious relationships.
Each of these five cases differs in many aspects. All these women have diverse backgrounds and various social positions. One of them is a divorced mother of two kids, while another is referred to the minority being bisexual.
With the help of experts, they come to be taught how to escape the provocative pitfalls when going through the thorny path to happiness. New York City is tough in terms of dating. Well, they have many themes to learn.
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What Ideas Does the Show Deliver?

The series is reckoned to be of great news to women who have managed to find their soulmates yet. It is probable that they have been committing the typical errors.
So, if you are a single lady, you should follow this show in order to learn how to avoid these mistakes that have been playing a mean trick on you and your life.
You will follow the newly single Monette Bell from Married at First Sight, the playful Jae Eady, and their castmates Cynthia Branch, Tenesha Wood and Laree Thomas, as they are able to complete their love search.

Is There the Reasons For Worrying?

Frankly speaking, we have reasons for worrying, as the second season of the show is yet to be announced. There has been no formal news regarding the series future though it is high time the developed confirmed the new launch.
Surely, we cannot hope for the appearance of the Black Love season 2 release date in the near future. Let’s hope that the show will be revived finally. For this case, we will monitor the situation for you. Stay tuned with our service if you are hungry for updates.


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