Black Ink Crew Season 5

Currently, the long-running tattoo parlor TV show we all like hasn’t been renewed since the first run on its home channel VH1.


Black Ink Crew Season 5 Poster
Aired on the American channel VH1, the show “Black Ink Crew” is a long-running TV project that debuted about three years ago, at the beginning of 2013. With three seasons successfully released, the serial is now at the stage of broadcasting of the fourth season. Its premiere took place quite recently in the past April.
As for the people involved in the production from the very start, we should certainly mention Dan Cesareo, Doug DePriest, and Ken Martinez. They are not the only ones, though, other people were important for the project, too.
The serial was a source for many spinoffs, such as “Black Ink Crew: Chicago”.

What is the show about?

And now, it is time to get to the core of this TV show. It focuses on the details of the professional and private lives of tattooists. The show takes place at a Harlem tattoo parlor Black Ink. As the title implies, we have an opportunity to see their staff at work.
Black Ink Crew Season 5 Promo
As the serial runs, we can see how they become a close-knit family united by their true friendship.
Most of them can claim that the parlor gave them their first actual job. The thing is, they came from the streets willing to change their lives for better. As the matter stands, this doesn’t mean the don’t know they know what they are doing. They do their job well and can deal with the most difficult cases.
So let’s introduce the cast of the show. They are Ceaser, Dutchess, Puma, Sassy, O’Shit, Sky, Ted, and Walt. Their shop attracts even American celebrities.

Loyal following and critical acceptance

As for the ratings, the show has a regular audience who is always eager for new episodes. The average number of the viewers is about 2.2 million people. That’s rather promising for a project of this type. And that’s despite the fact the serial is only appealing to a small audience, those who are fond of tattoos. So it is mainly for the young.
Black Ink Crew Season 5 Cast

About the resumption of the project. Fifth season

The fourth season is gaining traction, and it would be wrong to assume that the Black Ink Crew season 5 release date can appear shortly. As of now, we are also unaware if the fifth season is going to appear at all. At least, there has been no official word coming from the developers of the show. So keep watching the fourth chapter and waiting for the formal announcement of the resumption.

Update: Black Ink Crew Season 5 Release Date

For too long we’ve been delivering only uncertain news, reiterating unconfirmed rumors. Today, we have the pleasure to announce the official release date for one of the TV shows we keep an eye on.
Black Ink Crew Season 5 will come out on January 18, 2017, which is only a day away. Congratulations to all the fans! Make sure to subscribe so that don’t miss any future updates.


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