Black Ink Crew: Chicago Season 3

Black Ink Crew: Chicago is a spin-off of Black Ink Crew. The first season release date is the 26th of October 2015. The show is follows everything happening in an Afro-American tattoo shop named 9MAG. The action takes place in Chicago, Illinois. On the 1st of January 2016, VH1 channel prolonged the show for season 2. The new episode of it was released on the 3rd of October 2016. For the third season air date scroll down further.


Black Ink Crew: Chicago Season 3 Poster

  • Ryan. Owns 9Mag shop. Grew up on Chicago streets and knows what survival actually means. His sister helped him develop in tattooing career. Unfortunately, when Ryan’s business became a true success, his sisters tragically died – they were murdered. 9Mag salon is now a tribute to his dear sister.
    The 9Mag’s staff is almost a family to Ryan. However, he needs to always be a loyal and sensible boss. He will always be able to make a right pick when it comes to choosing who he really is – a boss or a friend.
    Ryan also cares a lot about his son named Mason. Ryan doesn’t want him to have the same life as he had when he was a kid.
  • Kat. A female tattoo artist at 9Mag. Studied mathematics at college, but decided to follow her dream to become a tattoo artist. Got Ryan at social media and found her new home at 9Mag. The guys in the staff are constantly trying to protect her. However, she’s got strong will.
    Her background is diverse – Korean, black and white, which made it hard for her to live as a kid. However, now she’s proud of the way she looks.
  • Don, a brother of Phor working as his assistant. He’s funny and flirty which makes him a heart of the company, however it often creates difficulties in his life. He got engaged to Ashley. They’ve got a son named DJ and they’re very proud of him.
  • Van. A badass tattoo artist back from a boot camp. Now he feels like a new man with numerous possibilities for a better personal and professional life in the future. He also wants to be a better dad for his teenage daughter.
  • Phor is split between his singing career and tattoo artistry from the first season premiere. Had relationship with Kat, but now they’re just good friends. The motto that leads him through his life is "No More Ordinary Life".
  • Charmaine. A blend of belle and edgy. She’s one of Ryan’s most trusted people in the staff. He trusts her everything connected with managing his tattoo business. The staff feels like it’s developing to be a lot more than just “business”. Charmaine works hard, but her playful habits made chaos out of her personal life.
  • Danielle is a receptionist. She’s Kat’s college best friend, a cousin of Charmaine. Tries to keep piece between two of her best friends. She is never afraid to say what she thinks. Ready to do everything to stand for the family of 9Mag.
  • Ashley. A Chicago native. Has troublesome relationship with Don.
  • Junior. In childhood, he often watched his brothers suffering from local gangs and city violence. He chose a path of art for his future career. Started tattooing when he was 17 and never looked back. Always says that art had saved his life.
  • Cobra Kat is a newcomer at 9Mag. She’s a talented tattoo artist from Texas. She has the talent and has always been a true fighter. Due to her health issues, she understands that life’s short and there’s always something you can do to get out of all troubles arousing.

Third Season Air Date

There’s no official info about the renewal of the show for season three. If you don’t want to miss the new episode of season 3, don’t forget to subscribe and check for our updates. The show is yet to be renewed, it hasn’t ben cancelled.


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