Black Ink Crew: Chicago Season 2

Are you the admirer of tattoos? Do you have at least one on your body? If yes, this show under the title “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” is created for you. At the current moment, the viewers are in possession of only one season and waiting for the announcement of the official resumption for the second one.

Some lights about the production of the TV show

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Black Ink Crew: Chicago is basically a new portion of reality shows on VH1. The fabrication is the responsibility of the American company titled “Big Fish Entertainment” in cooperation with the production studio of the home channel of the serial named “VH1 Productions”. The airing of the serial is held on Monday every week as a night entertainment for adults as it seems like not an appropriate show children.
Originally, this show presents in itself a co-project in the franchise named “Black Ink Crew”, a quite popular reality show which action takes place particularly in New York City’s Harlem.

What does the show involve?

The show depicts specifically the working process in one tattoo salon titled 9Mag. Its immediate owner is considered to be Ryan. He created such enterprise in the hour of his sister and little niece who passed away due some tragic events. The salon is perched in Chicago. It should be obvious as the very title tells us about it.
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The participants of the show are the workers in this salon who gather in order to provide people with magnificent pictures on their skin that should be to their liking without any doubt. But this presets not an easy task. Often they face challenges with which they manage to cope being true professionals in their sphere of activity.
The members of the show are also full charisma, humor, love feelings yet speaking with a quite abusive language which makes bleeping a rather often event in the show.
The salon crew of professionals is composed specifically of such names as Kat,Van and Phor assisted by Don, a manager Charmaine and a receptionist Danielle . They are all united in one team that is a close-knit entity. Every person is considered to be an inevitable part of the range.

With regard to rating numbers

Black Ink Crew: Chicago Season 2 Cast
According to the current statistics, the serial has gained about 1million audience up now. The amount is average yet promising and can be taken into consideration while shaping the fate of the project.
The question lies in when the developers make their choice concerning this project. But so far we have no data about the Black Ink Crew: Chicago season 2 release date as well as about the probability of the resumption for the sophomore chapter. There is a place only for suppositions. That’s why we have nothing to do but to arm ourselves with patience and wait for the formal news to come from the reliable resources. Keep abreast of the new installments together with us in order to provide yourself with the most important data concerning your favorite reality TV show.


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