Biggest Loser Australia Season 11

The long-running part of the Network Ten programming list, Biggest Loser Australia has been already renewed for season 11 which we may expect next year. What are expectations towards the new upcoming episodes? Have the changes in season 10 worked in favor of the show popularity? Let’s get to revising all these questions.

Show Summary

This Australian project is referred to the competition shows where overweight people are striving to become fit and healthy.
Biggest Loser Australia Season 11 Poster
The series is a version of the American show that is rather popular in that country. The latest premiere was held in September 2015 on the Network Ten channel. When will season 11 appear?

Offering More Specifics on the Show

The concept of the series is as clear as a day but we are set now to provide you with some particulars that are not less important for knowing them.
The goal of the series is to make the nation better by means of improving their body shapes and as well as increasing the level of inspiration and enthusiasm for life.
The release of the tenth season was noted for some kind of rebrand – the series was re-entitled as Biggest Loser Australia Families. Additionally, a new host, as well as a new trainer, appeared with the amount of energy emanated by them being large enough. There, already the full families are ready to make their lives better in a new stunning house.
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The Latest On-goings

What is the name of the new host? So, it is Fiona Falkiner. The trainers are Michelle Bridges, Shannan Ponton, Steve Willis, and Tiffiny Hall here.
The whirlwind experiences of losing weight are shown with more intensity. However, the previous trainers turn to make some unfavorable comments towards the new brand of the show. Let’s turn closer to this question.

Mixed Commentaries Towards the Show

Does the show has something that can be the object of criticism? To the regret  of all of us, it does have. The negative opinions are hailing from former trainers and participants.
The long history of the project has influenced the series popularity greatly. The overall revamp seems to be needed. Otherwise, the series is at risk of being canceled due to low figures.
Biggest Loser Australia Season 11 Cast

Following the Most Recent News as for This Project

Despite the unfavorable commentaries, the show is going to appear again on screens. The fabrication of the future installment is at the starting point. Meanwhile, the developers are in search of overweight participants aged 18-65. The promise has been made that the participants will be less obese in order to make the show relatable to ordinary watchers.
The footage will be in the state of readiness in February 2017. Thus, the Biggest Loser Australia season 11 release date will be exposed not earlier than that time. Nevertheless, if you are hungry for more specifics on the show, you should be in the swim with us, as they can come out at any moment.


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