Big Women, Big Love Season 2

Plus-size women also deserve a great love and this show is immediately proving it featuring ladies who are trying to find their soul mates going on dates. Often, it is a kind of challenge for them to accept it. The series is so far a newbie and we are waiting for the formal resumption of the second season.

Basic info

Big Women, Big Love is a newcomer on the Lifetime channel available in the USA. It is a reality show that revolves around women with overweight who are searching for their love. So the theme is reflected right in the title.
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Its development was behind the executives from 495 Productions, with founder and President SallyAnn Salsano (The Real, Jersey Shore) serving as an executive producer together with Joel Zimmer (Tattoo Nightmares), Eli Lehrer, Mary Donahue, and Kimberly Chessler from Lifetime.
Making a short retrospective journey into the history of the project, we could not but underline that the order for this serial had been made by the Lifetime channel yet in 2014 and then in the following 2015 year the pioneer season was opened.

On describing the project

The concept of the show lies in plus-size women attempts to find their love. Going on dates is the only way to achieve their goal as sitting at home you will never get married.
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The situation gets complicated when these attempts are turned practically always into failures due to these women being too big. However, can it be reckoned as an impediment? Maybe it is just a matter of time and experience, nothing else.
So dating is kind of challenge for them which they should accept as something of a default setting in their lives. Thus, surrendering is not permissible for them. You should be punchy enough in order to win the big love.
Now as for the concrete participants of the TV show. Big Women, Big Love features Jenn, who is in her mid-twenties and hails from the Midwest; a 34-year old single mother from Texas named Kristi; a 29-year old Jessica who still lives with her mother and working as a make-up artist; and a 32-year old singer named Mar who is from Clifton, NJ.

Regarding the renewal

Big Women, Big Love Season 2 Cast
The case is that we are so far left in the cold staying in the realm of guesswork whether the second installment can ever gladden its fan base that is consisting mainly of women with plus sizes who are inspired by this project also trying to find their second halves.  Therefore, it seems unfair that these women can be deprived of such a motivational force.
Is there any way out of this situation? Practically there is none of them and this makes us wait for official resumption or cancellation of the project. The TV shows with average ratings are also in demand and thus should be continued to the pleasure of their small but loyal following.
Consequently, let’s hope that the positive news is somewhere around the corner and that we will get the Big Women, Big Love season 2 release date moving closer to the end of this summer. Following us is your only guarantee now of being in the swim.


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