Big Smo Season 3

As a freshman TV show for the American channel called A&E, this series was created by Brownstone Entertainment being added to the collection of its products in summer 2014. The current status of the project lies in it staying on the bubble with the absence of confirmation of the next third chapter.

General info

The series that is under discussion for today is a new series under the title “Big Smo” that narrates about the professional side of the life of the country rapper.
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The reality show is an integral part of the programming list of the A&E channel available for viewing in the USA. The first premiere was held in June 2014. The next year had the second chapter. And here, the course of events comes to be out on hold so far as the resumption for the third installment has not been announced yet.
We just cannot also escape from naming persons who are on the duty of this project. The executive team comes from two companies – the network for the broadcasting of the series and  Brownstone Entertainment. They are specifically Drew Brown and Bob Gillan, Dan Nelson and Pete DeLasho, as well as Nicco Ardin, Evan Lerner and Laurie Sharpe.

Following ideas

It is a real life story about Big Smo, a local rapper, who is making his best in order to push a new unique style of music. He comes to be assisted by his friends, loyal fans, and family members.
As a young boy, he was living in the small town of Unionville perched in Tennessee. Being talented enough, he finds himself being involved in the style of country rap. The uniqueness of his style that is a blend of country music, Southern rock, and hip-hop has made him one of the charismatic performers in the USA.

Events in the sophomore season

Big Smo Season 3 Promo
The second season premiere was of a summer type in the previous year. The channel for broadcasting was the same original one – A&E Network.
In this new cycle, Smo tries to convince a satellite radio service to play his music on its country station. The pioneer episode was called “Smo Gets Sirius”, be the way.
The series ratings are not officially exposed by the producers of the channel. Nevertheless, we can make a practically full picture about it just looking at the scorings on various websites. On IMDb, the series is evaluated at 6.6 points out 10. Thus, the ratings are average and this can be a reason to continue the project.

When can we expect the release of the second chapter?

The situation is so far sad as the delay in the announcement of yet another chapter of the series takes place. Why are we destined to face such ambiguity? In fact, there is no essence in embarking on guesswork. The resumption should come but when is a question. That’ why we should turn our attention to other interesting projects that A&E is proposing to us while keep on waiting and monitoring the situation. This task we are taking in order to get you acknowledged of any changes.
The Big Smo season 3 release date is so far surely unknown. As soon as it is exposed, we are going to deliver it to you. So, follow our service.


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